no identification

january 2013: When I’m reasoning (writing an essay), talking to myself (always to be right),  or zapping through my mind (random thoughts jumping up), I identify with mind.

february 2013: What strange awareness will it be not to identify with the mind. Will there be a new identity, or will there be no identity? Will my identification shift from mind to something else? Or will identification stop? Or will I awaken to spiritual psychosis as described by Stanislav Grof in Spiritual emergency? Am I not too rational for that?

march 2013: When the train of thought takes a ride, identification wants to be there. But happiness seems to be able to exist without having to identify, … and so does sadness. Anger cannot. Anger needs reason, strange that is. Perhaps Yoda was right: “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering

But the happiness and laughter do not start when I identify with silence, it starts when i do not  identify at all. It is an incessant tap of happiness. So close to me. Stop the identification and there you are. But be ware: “this too will pass”

I notice that I’m tired with meditation, I yawn and think of food. I notice this, and get up to eat.

11 thoughts on “no identification

  1. Very interesting, Bert, I know what you mean and I also know how it can change because now, most of he time, I no longer identify with my “mind” (Moul as I call it) but with ME – the spirit identity, the REAL me. Also, from this vantage point I can observe Ian’s mentivity (mental activity or thinking as it is commonly called) and, therefore, monitor his activity! Does this make sense?

    • Only read ‘perennial philosophy’ and ‘brave new world’ from his hand and excerpts here and there. But I can reach the same depths by listening to J.S. Bach or Ravishankar, or why not PSY 🙂 – It is indeed star wars but I have no idea about the number out of which these 9 seconds where taken.

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