no certainty

nothing can stop a flash flood ... nothing is certain

nothing can stop a flash flood … nothing is certain     (photo: whoisbert 2005)

There is physics.
There is a universe.
I am.

What about …
the multiverse,
dark energy,
a black hole racing towards our sun,
an asteroid, a tsunami, a plane crash,
an accident at home
a heart that stops working …

the cloud of unknowing
the certainty that you will never know?
The sadness in ‘not knowing’
The freedom in ‘not knowing’

a deeper truth?
experience is never objective
limited the truth
questionable value?

surrender to ‘no certainty’?

There is Love
There is Compassion,
There is no time to waste.


14 thoughts on “no certainty

  1. My vague association with this: I am reminded of Bertrand Russell who once said (not verbatim … I believe he said it at the beginning of his autobiography) that he is interested in / concerned with mainly: Uncovering the secrets of how mathematics explains the world on the one hand and pity for the suffering of humans on the other hand. He worked on mathematics and logic first and turned to politics / human rights activism later.

    • I re-read Russell’s wikipage. I never read any of his works, although I have read him quoted by others. But I think that if you don’t know anything about logic, maths and physics, any spiritual adventure is a quest in the fog fighting figments of imagination and mind.

      • What a great line: “Any spiritual adventure is a quest in the fog fighting figments of imagination and mind.” Certainly know “fog fighting figments of imagination and mind!!”

        • I now see the rhythmic qualities in this sentence created by coincidence whilst thinking about Cervantes. Whether the content is correct I don’t know with any certainty. We all have our fog fights in life. Recognizing them as such is a huge step forward.

  2. When we understand and accept “no certainty” as a reality of life, when we know it deeply in our bones to be true, life makes sense and the day-to-day squabbles and insults we experience seem so pointless. At least for me.

    Great post. I’ll keep uncertainty foremost in my mind today. It’ll give and reinforce perspective on life.

  3. The sadness and freedom of “not knowing” is sometimes my suffering and joy. Brilliant! I am learning to be at one with my human condition. Smiles!

  4. I strongly agree that “experience is never objective.” That’s the reason y even though we’ve experienced, seen the same thing, but still think differently.

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