... attachment has created a lot of world heritage ...

… attachment has created a lot of world heritage …

Being attached to a glimmer of awakening,

makes me irritable

when the experience does not come back.

Although when mind is not there, I don’t care.

It’s when mind comes back to ‘evaluate’ after meditation

that mind brings forward frustrating thoughts.

6 thoughts on “attachment

  1. The post is thought provoking. I think attachment is of the mind. But if we feel (with our heart) instead of think (with our mind) we can learn not to get attached in ways that have negative results. There is the realization that the only eternal thing is love. (Hope that doesn’t sound “preachy”. LOL!) – Thanks for visiting my blog Bert. 🙂

  2. “… attachment has created a lot of world heritage …”
    Why the photo of a Mosque? At least Mosques are built with Sacred Geometry instead of particle-board!

  3. This makes me think of what it means to transition mindfully. I am transitioning constantly to the next moment. Yet the attachment to the moment I judged favorably that has already passed does so easily become an irritant. I suppose that’s what attachment does. Thanks for provoking my thoughts.

    • you’re most welcome.
      Somehow attachment itself is important too, it can lead to great passion and great compassion. But we should not get too attached to experiences, the phenomena that are never the same, like any experiment in physics with sensitive equipment always gives different results. Neither is it wrong to look for the same conditions and welcome a different experience … 🙂

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