Quotes on Addiction – Scott Kiloby

I found another interesting link on Scott Kilobi’s site and pressed it:

scott kiloby

Emphasizing “I should” and “I shouldn’t” thoughts around an addictive substance or activity actually helps keep the addiction around, as it creates as sense of self that seems to have control.  If control were truly the answer to addiction, humans wouldn’t still be addicted, because everyone is already trying to control addictions.  It isn’t working. 

A bottle of pills never calls your name.  The bottle does not contain the urge to take pills.  And neither does the whiskey bottle, the pack of cigarettes, the bag of pot … (continue reading …)

via RECOVERY | Rest. Inquire. Enjoy life. | Scott Kiloby.

12 thoughts on “Quotes on Addiction – Scott Kiloby

  1. Exactly. Addict or no, it’s good advice. Then again, as Anne Wilson Schaef says, our society is an addictive one. I tend to agree with her – a society based on consumerism has got to have addiction at its core, if not its roots.

    • Very true. We are always under threat of yet another desire suggested by walking around, watching tv, reading the internet, … anything. We would lead happier and easier lifes without having to compete with our neighbour, our colleagues, family, … . Being able to compete leads to pride and greed and avarice, and greed is a kind of addiction. Not being able to compete will lead to pain, and pain can lead to any kind of addiction.

  2. I think that part of my success in not gaining or losing any weight for three years and my success in doing so well in so many things is that the diabetes and the stroke “allow” me to do these things without feeling like a failure. I don’t have to get out of the addictive thinking mode because I am doing it to live.

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