Meditation: Relentless Laughter

Why do we laugh

… with the unexpectedly familiar. What is that funny thing we call humor. We see something that in real life would make us cry or suffer, but some pun at the end makes us laugh and shows us the relativity of everything. We are taken out of mindset. We are perhaps taken out of Mind for just one moment.

Let me explain; I got inspired by the following:

The lawn mower had been broken and Mary continued nagging Elliot about it. But Elliot always had an excuse, be it car wash, go fishing, out with friends. So one day she planned to make him feel guilty, and started cutting the lawn with a pair of kitchen scissors. In stead of feeling guilty, he brought her a toothbrush and said: “If you are ready with the grass, can you clean the driveway?”
This is how the argument started.

The classic calendar joke would have stopped after Elliot’s question, and we might have smiled. But the fun is concentrated in the last dry sentence “This is how the argument started”. (in the video: “This is not my dog”) It is not funny to go one step further than the other party in a mental fight (the toothbrush). But being familiar with an argument, that starts with an ordinary and stupid remark, and which usually makes us suffer in one or more ways, we recognize ourselves in the situation. That moment of recognition creates the release and the laughter. That moment of recognition is an interrupt. At that moment, the goose is temporarily out.

So can’t we let the laughter continue in one way or the other?

Sometimes we are getting the  giggles, a bout of laughter, and we cannot get out of it. Bloopers are often made on this subject. And it is contagious. Is this being out of mind for a longer time?

Here is a great collection of comedy. Watch some of these and experiment yourself:

I personally enjoyed this one:

… and many more.

There is a lot of comedy available, but that comedy that will make you bend double with laughter, is required for this experiment. A smile is not enough, a LOL is not enough either. You have to roll on the floor for this experiment! Want to do better: watch some of these together with 5 people who appreciate the same kind of humor, and bring some potato chips and some root beer. Then play some kind of Pokemon: “Got to watch them all.”

I guarantee you, that when you are rolling on the floor from laughter (even in front of your computer) that mind is as far away as you can possibly imagine. Mind cannot laugh. It can only smile, a faked smile. A real smile does not come from mind, it comes from the heart.

Now try to observe yourself when in ‘the giggles’. Do you have thoughts? Do you identify with mind?
What I see, and it really made me laugh a lot more for a very long time, is that there is no mind when in ‘the giggles’.

So we (you and I) found mindlessness, stillness. And you feel very happy about it! 
(>> Don’t forget, we need one more ingredient for happiness: Love-Compassion)

A strange stillness is this, not that stillness that we imagine would happen when sitting on a carpet for 7 days.
Not mindfulness either, mindlessness! A peaceful state, A happy state, that everyone on earth is able to experience.

This is not enlightenment, not even awakening, but it is a taste of it. A taste of the wonderful world of happiness that is always available. A couple of weeks ago, while pondering identification with mind, I experienced disidentification, and this was accompanied by relentless laughter from deep inside me. Perhaps dangerous when driving the car I found myself in and overspeeding.
So this is where the carpet becomes important: be seated, take a pillow in your hands, put your foot on a tin can of beans, and drive 200mph.
But this release of identity does not have to come from meditation or logical pondering, just watch the best comedy available, and stay there.

Perhaps this is even related to the laughing Buddha?

How long do your giggles last? If it is less than 40 seconds, you have to try again, If you do more than 5 minutes, your batteries are loaded for at least 24 hours.

17 thoughts on “Meditation: Relentless Laughter

  1. Excellent post with such true observations. My husband and I use laughter as the acid test for where we are in our own connection to what we call the center. If a chuckle with even a compassionate bitter-sweet smile (for use at funerals and the like or moments when tough love is appropriate) cannot be accessed in the middle of any experience, we know one of us has entered into the land of the emotional roller coaster ride. In those moments we know our chemistry is riding us instead of the other way around.

    All the real, deep, excellent teachers I have ever come across, even when speaking with seriousness and solemnity, NEVER have lost that twinkle in the eye while doing it.

    Thanks for such masterful consumption in this post. I have definitely found belly laughing to be the most beautiful and powerful centering tool in my corner of the adventure, too.

  2. all my life, i have laughed my head off in just the manner you describe. Even in the midst of a social/political calamity, some aristocrat’s cousin will make me erupt with giggles that will return uncalled for (for days!) and fill me with mirth. At least half the time, i have laughed at myself.
    No more. There has to be SOME balance of justice in the world in order to make the above dynamic possible. There isn’t.
    It’s just overflowing sorrow.

    • It is possible to combat injustice, and feel compassion for everyone who is suffering, and at the same time feel satisfied in the heart. Balance has to start inside self, there is no alternative. If we somehow gain power over somebody during our quest against injustice, we have to show our compassion towards them all the same, and let the law do what it has to do in a balanced way. The law can not be adapted for ‘special’ cases, or it will be used like that when the bad guys regain power. We can only do this when we are balanced. If you are not balanced, those who admire you and follow you, will be even more unbalanced than you.

      We need a shift in consciousness, and you have that. Laughter and Sadness, both lead to Silence. Silence eliminates anger, hate, envy, jealousy, greed, avarice. If you are not silent, you soon become the victim of your own mind. The six forementioned, lead to cruelty and injustice, exactly the things you want to combat.

      You have an internet. This can be a terrible weapon against injustice. Don’t fight the windmills of de la Mancha. Pick your fights, one by one, and do it wisely. Don’t start with the most difficult task. Build Up. Use the law. Otherwise, the law will be used against you as a bulldozer.
      And above all, make people aware of the cause (like avaaz – contact them), get support (for the moment you are not very numerous), do what you have to do in the most ethical way.

      Look around you and see who has succeeded: Martin Luther King, Mandela, the King of Thailand (a country completely surrounded by war in the seventies), Aung San Suu Kyi, Pope JP2 (he got the communists out of Poland and in a way out of Europe). Look at those who nearly succeeded: Yitzak Rabin, Ghandi (1000000 people died when hindustan and pakistan split up), Anwar el Sadat, Roosevelt in Yalta (and in USA where his regulation of the financial world got reversed anyway by Reagan and successors), there are many here.
      Look also at the complete failures: Tamil in Sri Lanka in 2009, UN peace keepers in Rwanda and Bosnia, Biafra, … the list is very long. And remember what happened to Allende and Lumumba, Dag Hammarskjöld, …

  3. How ironic, today I was filled with giggles. I found myself laughing at noises that would normally hurt my sensory system. I let myself laugh, but later in the afternoon I ended up in tears (I wrote a post about it.) I think the laughter prepared me for inner healing that I had not expected at all. After I wrote it all out, I have found myself back in feeling the giggles through my sorrow. I plan on having more giggles tomorrow as well.

    I am so glad I read this post tonight, just what I needed to keep my “laughing” motivation. :-).

    • Yesterday morning, during my inspiration/meditation time it occurred to me that genuine and prolonged laughter completely silences the mind. I did some experiments and wrote the post.

      There are two primordial feelings: happiness and sadness. Both are capable of shutting up the mind. So it is normal that with a silent mind, one flows over in the other, and back again. When we are born and till the age of 2-3 months we feel happiness or sadness or the neutral contentment.

      I just read your yesterday’s post on the other blog. Seems that you went back to the primordial place to cry for love, like a baby. We all do that. We all feel unloved and utterly lonely at times. The desperate cry of innocence that awakened the poet in me one week ago. And at the same time, I see my youngest daughter as she was at the age of 4 months, giggling for an hour when she played with a little ball with a bell inside. Perhaps both the giggles and the desperate cry bring us back to who we really are. Undistorted by the interpretations of mind.

      I did some research yesterday night, and it seems that Osho had his own laughter/sadness meditation. ( I have never favoured or advised to follow predetermined meditation retreats, but being inspired by what others do can never harm.

      Take good care, and start and end your days with giggles!

  4. I’ve often had the giggles to the point where my ribs hurt from laughing and I still can’t stop because it was so darn funny!

    • That experience is comparable to ‘no mind’. Cherish these experiences, whenever they come. They bring happiness and a lot of positive energy. 🙂
      Thx for visiting.

  5. Thank you so much for this– “the wonderful world of happiness that is always available.” I need this, especially this AM as I am often dragged down into a quagmire of depression. Do you know this one by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore? It is my all time favorite. Part of what is so good is that they are cracking up over their own jokes. My husband does this– it is a gift. Here it is:

  6. I can’t say that I have really ever laughed to the point of actually “rolling on the floor” But the thought of doing that makes me laugh lol. With me, the most funniest things do come from my mind. getting mental pictures of something that someone is saying, or the sarcastic thought I get about something, ect. But I know there are times when someone or something just causes laughter and we don’t have a clue as to why lol Is that when the mind is absent from the act of laughing? Thought provoking post!

    • I think you are close to remembering the feeling. When you don’t have a clue!!! Of course not, the mind is not available at that moment. Most adolescents know the giggles. It is very important that they have this laughter in that difficult time in their life that is called growing up. but everyone has access. Watch any episode from Tom and Jerry and the dog Killer!

      • ah yes, the “giggles” are a bit different than just “funny”. I probably just have a strange idea of humor. In fact , I am pretty sure I do. I don’t think I have every had a good case of the giggles and that is why I didn’t get it 😉

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