life: dna … ganglia … brain

A plant, a tree, a shrub: everything in the DNA. DNA creates cells and growth and specialisation. The diversification of the cell is its survival and way of life.

The insect: Micro-brain, DNA and ganglia. The ganglia control the body functions and movement. The micro-brain handles the sensory information not unlike a logic controller used in industrial machines. The body moves and senses. A robot, nothing more, nothing less.

A vertebrate. A brain. A central brain needs so much energy. No wonder we identify with it, and not with Source.

34 thoughts on “life: dna … ganglia … brain

    • Science tells us that the laws of our universe made life possible the way it is, but has no answer to the question ‘what was before the universe’. I will leave my mind in the unknowing, but deep inside I hope that there is an Unknowing with a capital U, the same capital U as in Universe, something you dare to call Thought.

  1. They can keep on explaining DNA and how it makes life what it is. There is a spark, a something that helps the DNA create exactly what it does when it does and how it does. Then, there is that other spark that creates sentience. Just my thoughts.

  2. Interesting piece Bert. I’m curious of your thoughts on cell memory? Meaning if you had normal healthy cells, then suddenly get ill, can you somehow retrieve cells stored in the past, utilizing their memory of a healthier condition to heal the current condition? Just wondering your take on that my friend.

    • There are two types of memory: One is just a mirage from the past. Another is storage.
      When we calculate we use storage to hold two terms and their result. When we type in a word processor, somewhere storage is used to keep the document.
      What we usually refer to as memory in the human mind is not storage. It is a film like interpretation of something that has happened in the past. It is not exact and prone to change.
      Cell memory, as a chromosome, is storage. DNA is not a mirage of the past, it is stored DATA.
      This data can be damaged, and the results of replicating bad data can be devastating. This could lead to cancer as a result of incorrect mitosis in a healthy body, and to genetic diseases as a result of incorrect meiosis during sexual replication.
      Science seems to have a great interest in stem cells, dormant, intact and unused potential.
      If applying the right differentiation sequence, they could be used to grow any kind of tissue or organ, in theory. I remember prof. Arnold de Loof who was doing research on cell differentiation in the eighties. He tried to unravel why some cells differentiate to A, and others to B. If we know exactly how to replicate this differentiation, we can create a new liver from your own intact stem cells. I suppose you could also put some of your cells in a cell bank, like every five years, and eventually use them to do the same thing as stem cells. I think this second line of thinking is science fiction.
      Another approach might be gen therapy, whereby the entire body would get new and correct(ed) dna. How this is supposed to work, I have no idea. Nano-tech comes to mind.

      I do not think I say anything new here.

      If we see a cell as more than just a biological machine, with different types of memory, perhaps there might be more possibilities. Unfortunately, I’m quite down to earth. I see that the physical level is barely touched by the spiritual level.
      The holon seems to be important. However in a holon, I see that the structure is built up from small to large, and not the other way. The higher levels have some influence. When the self does not want to live, the cells will eventually give up too, when the self has a lot of passion for life, the cells might profit from this healthy attitude.

      Miracles do happen, but they are quite rare.
      I hope that the one you have in mind, still has a lot of time left on this earth, and I hope that traditional medicine might cure the physical level completely, and that the higher levels are passionate enough to live life to the fullest.

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