Liberation and Conformity

in_the_cageWhen you talk about the world outside the cage, the mind shuts down. Traditions come up, there is no discussion possible. People want freedom, but if you point some freedom to them, they defend the cage as if it were heaven. They say from inside the cage: “I know it’s no use, you never see what you do, you never see my point of view.” The one outside the cage would say exactly the same thing, but she refrains from it. She acknowledges that you can not talk the chicken out of the barn where it gets free food and shelter.


8 thoughts on “Liberation and Conformity

    • education at an early age can reduce the source of conflict,
      but no matter what you do, there will always be people at any kind of level,
      since you start from scratch at level 0, and stop somewhere around the average,
      just on it, a little above, a little below.

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