identity or identification



is the key

to what we really are

the subject that wants to identify

with thought, emotion or sensation

and what we think we are

the object we identify with

who is that subject


19 thoughts on “identity or identification

    • An identification with profession or occupation indeed. “What we do” seems to always be a little in the past. Many of us identify with what we have done, and what we have, their CV so to speak. Few identify with what they are doing right here, right now. And always doing, seldom being. There is an interesting book from Erich Fromm on this subject: ‘To have or to be’

    • Not really a koan. First it is an exercise in punctuation marks 🙂 then it is an exercise in finding what you think you are, and why you think like that, and how this could compare to what really is.

      • Thanks for explaining. I can’t quite think in your terms, a limitation that I know is on my part. What sort of analysis would you call what you do? It is something like a different language to me and intriguing because it is so alien. I am just trying to understand why I cannot understand.

        • 18 months ago I noticed an enjoyable silence of mind while waiting for food in a restaurant. I wrote about that here and it was not very special in itself. I noticed that every one has these silences, but most are not aware.
          When I look at the works of Piaget, Maslov and others like Wilber, I notice that children need to pass at least 4 stages to become a ‘working’ adult in our societies, and the first 3 stages have to do with identification. Body, emotions (tantrums) and mind.
          While stage 4, conformism tries to lessen the influence of the individual mind into an ethical citizen, that identification with mind never stops. In fact, post-conformism, a stage most of the western world is in right now, gives the individual ‘merit’ for using his individual capacities.
          During silence, there is no thought to identify with. But the mode of operation, ‘mind’ does not change consciously. There needs to be an act of will to dis-identify with mind. I’m doing experiments on this right now. We identify with what we think we are. But if we let this concept fade, and if we let thought become a murmuring background, while remaining aware of what is happening, interesting things happen, and sometimes not … 🙂

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