whoislinked: the gentle seduction – marc stiegler

“Singularity is a time in the future. It’ll occur when the rate of change of technology is very great–so great that the effort to keep up with the change will overwhelm us. People will face a whole new set of problems that we can’t even imagine.” A look of great tranquillity smoothed the ridges around his eyes. “On the other hand, all our normal, day to day problems fade away. For example, you’ll be immortal.”

She shook her head with distaste. “I don’t want to live forever,” she said.

>He smiled, his eyes twinkling. “Of course you do, you just don’t know it yet.”

She shuddered. “The future scares me.”

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12 thoughts on “whoislinked: the gentle seduction – marc stiegler

    • There are many interpretations possible, but indeed, if we have infinite freedom, we are led to be who we really are and where we belong and that is the for me yet inexperienced Alpha and Omega.

      • Yes, there is much to interpret in this fine story. I’ve only read it once so far but I like how the woman overcomes her fears and explores worlds beyond her original comfort zone, and how her lover is with her in spirit, even during the times she forgot about him. In the end she is safe, but in all actuality she was always safe, because she was always a manifestation of one sort or another of the Universe. There was never anything to fear. All manifestations were still her, even the final resting one.

        What do you think about my interpretation? Should I read it again? LOL!!! What is your interpretation?

        • I think that people in general are very conservative. Innovations have to come bite-wise. My father always opposed computers, until he lost sight and used it to enlarge documents and enhance their brightness/contrast.
          The entire narrative takes many generations, and we lose track of the woman’s age … it takes like 300-500 years, her internal evolution.
          One message might be that if technological evolution goes too fast, this will alienate us from society (our global economy without a global government). Or society might ban technology (look at the opposition against genetically modified crops / thorium reactors / …)
          Being conservative is indeed about feeling safe. It is not about being safe as you found out for yourself.
          The writer also took a lot more time for the first hurdles to take. It seems that having a view on your past, and the many changes in it, can speed up the process of acceptance of evolution. This does not work with conformists. They are too attached to their traditional way of thinking, that they cannot see their own evolution, and are afraid of any change, even reactionary against it.

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