The last prince on a white horse …

“The last prince on a white horse, fell into a wishing well and was never again seen thereafter. A strange lady dressed in a white titanium armour with a palladium sword is training the Cinderellas and Snow-whites of our time from the roof of her Aston Martin. I saw her three weeks ago, in the Punjab, as she was giving courses to Kali and Maitreya.”  (useless visions – oct 2012 – whoisbert)

Triggers of Past and Future, Fear and Hope, … there is only Here and Now, and Compassion

It is incredibly sad, to see what some monsters do to innocent children. But I cannot refrain from reading news about children. I feel too much compassion. Many weeks ago, the disappearance of a 5 y.o. in Wales. One week earlier a Bengali man killing his friend’s wife and all their children …. so so sad.

TV-news I haven’t watched purposely in a decade. I think our world is sick in presenting the most sensational (the most horrible) news first in order to attract viewers. Most of the time, we are not concerned. What could we possibly have done to stop the cruelties in Rwanda 15 years ago. Why show us those images.

But I want to be informed, so now and so often, I read the headlines on the Internet, .. without pictures, most of the time.
However, during my stay in India last year, there was a period, longer than 10 days, without any news. And it did not make me less informed. In fact, being unaware of the world as depicted in the newspapers, and on television, just gave me more time to concentrate on the important things in life.

So since I’m back, I noticed that reading the news on the Internet is nothing more but passing time, it has little to do with being informed, so I ask myself the question these days whether I should stop reading about local and world events altogether.
I have to be ready for the events in my own life, and I shouldn’t be triggered or taken by 2nd hand emotions from news that does not really concern me. What about the third hand emotions from TV-series and movies?
… but … that is the theory …
Some news is not avoidable. Probably because it does concern me. That kind of news will find me no matter what. A school bus has an accident in a tunnel in Switzerland and 20 children, some from my own town, die. A madman in Norway starts firing his gun on young people, and 75 of them die, some from around here.
red_carriage_214_bisHow mixed up do my emotions get when my daily morning train crashes into an intercity and 17 people die. Why am i not on that train? My neighbour’s wife got severely injured, and the child that was in her belly at the time, has to find her own different way through society because of that event.

We cannot control things. There is an unending series of interconnected causes and effects going on, in something we call the universe. It is our minds that are suffering. Our bodies feel pain, but we do not necessarily suffer because of that pain.

I noticed that in my life I suffered a lot because of my own anger and fear. And that my fear is the predecessor of my anger. And my fear, can be triggered by reading about the daily events in the news. And my anger can be triggered by reading about injustice. And in both cases I suffer. Even hope makes me suffer, since it makes me feel worse at a present than in an imagined future.

Having first hand experienced this knowledge about myself has made me stronger, less hopeful and less fearful.

… Perhaps Kali represents the past and the fear, and Maitreya represents the future and the hope. And I know that I can live without them. Leaving my suffering with them, and experiencing my real self moment to moment, sad and happy, angry and peaceful, but without hope or fear.


10 thoughts on “The last prince on a white horse …

  1. Me too. I don’t know exactly when..but after I grew up, I just found that most of the articles are too stimulative. Headlines make me feel depressed. However, we can’t live without news..

    • … I think we can. Our friends and family do tell us when something important has happened. At least that has happened to me these past months. So I know of a meteorite in Russia, but I’m not aware of the political chit-chat, neither of the department of justice or the crime scene …

  2. The suffering of others and ourselves are immense at times, and one can be sympathetic or empathetic… it’s all about how you assimilate the given situation and react to it. Burt, you have a good heart and spirit about you, and your sensitivity to this kind of thing says volumes about you. All we can do on this journey’s purpose, is to try to make it a little better, keep moving forward, and continue to learn the lessons we must learn. Part of that means taking risk and feeling pain too. 😉

  3. I read some headlines and a few select articles on the Internet. I listen to those around me. That gives me enough that I don’t fall too far behind, but don’t get overly involved either.
    Suits me,

  4. A very positive side to this apparently deplorable state is best understood if we view the Earth as a stage on which a play is in progress. There is a difference to this play in that its cast is constantly changing: actors learn from their experience and move on whilst others enter to take their place; with the whole, collective, cast returning individually after each has polished its act and is ready to try again. Thus, gradually, the entire cast achieves perfection in their craft.

    Jesus is quoted as saying, “You are on this Earth not of this Earth.”
    Shakespeare said, “Life is like a stage . . . . . ” I wonder whether he really knew.

    • Thank you Ian. Your comment, as usual, contains a lot of condensed information. I will take my time to reread it more than a couple of times to get the entire message.

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