do not compare – the key is ‘enough’

peacockComparing yourself to others,
creates empty needs.
Empty needs create greed and competition.

It goes two ways:

  1. … I can never be as good as …
  2. … I have to do this or that to reach …

(1) leads to sadness and depression, and possibly addiction as a replacement for the unreachable
(2) leads to greed and abuse on resources of self and of others. Reaching an intermediate level or the goal leads to pride.

Don’t be anyone else but yourself. Your own shoes will perfectly size you!


23 thoughts on “do not compare – the key is ‘enough’

  1. Reblogged this on Niki.V.all.ways.My.way. and commented:
    just this morning i was thinking about a trap that the motivational question, “how does it get better than this?” creates in the mind. even comparing one’s self with one’s potential self is a trap when it is a crutch that enables a empty need.

  2. All too true… good to be reminded. And that is precisely why we cannot judge anyone– although we do. No one knows another’s mind, drives, problems, fantasies, handicaps, etc. etc. But you are right, comparison makes for unhappiness and has no good result except perhaps to inspire us to be more like those whose virtues we admire– or the opposite, unlike those whose faults we see.

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