the way you act is the way you see (part 2)

Four days ago, I wrote the following:

Who you think you are, has a profound effect on the way you perceive things, including yourself. This leads to a self amplifying circle, difficult to break. [….] So my sense of self is a filter, invisible to me, but filtering and censoring nevertheless and all of the time. You provide your own coloured opinion about yourself, all of the time. … which colours is your filter tuned to?

Krishnamurti goes two steps further: the observer is the observed


One image, as the observer, observes dozens of other images around himself and inside himself … there is a central image put together by all the other images, and this central image, the observer, is the censor, the experiencer, the evaluator, the judge who wants to conquer or subjugate the other images or destroy them altogether. But other images are the results of judgments, opinions and conclusions of the observer, and the observer is the result of all the other images—therefore the observer is the observed.

Krishnamurti: The Years of Fulfillment – Mary Lutyens


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