mind turning in circles

thoughts like clouds in the storm ...

thoughts like clouds in the storm …

Mind often cannot give up on a “problem”.
(MIND={thoughts, opinions, memory, concepts, reason-logic})

Sometimes there is a misunderstanding somewhere, between two people. An unexplainable sequence of events without much communication. Even the sequence of events is not certain. However, there is the other who did something so that you are aware of the misunderstanding.

Mind keeps bringing forward the misunderstanding on the task list, and keeps turning around in circles.

Another example is the reminder of an unpaid bill. Sometimes accompanied by harsh words about baylifs and incasso people. But, you think you have paid already.

Until you have solved this problem, mind puts it on top of your agenda. It gets difficult doing something else.

I can also give the example of a 2nd reminder of an unpaid bill that has indeed not been paid.

What does your mind do in that case?

Personally I still have a problem with the first example, but 2 and 3 … are easily removed from my task list. There is a protocol of handling these situations.
For the first problem, there is no such thing. Everyone is different and every situation is different. Feeling and fearing the unknown makes it difficult for my mind to cool down. Only going 100% for another interactive task like solving problems for a boss or customer, seems to be an effective treatment. I might forget the incident entirely, and see it in the correct perspective afterwards. But if I do solitary tasks, mind does not want to give up.

What is it that my mind is so attached to?

13 thoughts on “mind turning in circles

  1. Seek and you shall find!
    The mind has taken, sorry, we have given the “mind” thousands of years to establish its control of us so to reverse the situation is not easy but certainly possible as shown by many. As I have said previously the “mind” is the sum total of all one’s experiences in many lifetimes. Many talk about controlling the mind whereas the answer is to eliminate it!

    • We cannot see the mind as a problem, but giving it too much to say is a situation to be avoided. We cannot eliminate the mind without first having let it find its place in our being. The mind is not the final point in consciousness. Just like a 5 y.o. has to learn that he/she is not the center of society, and then conforms to society – for a while – to later question society itself.

  2. I also over analyze things… to the point of not sleeping or being able to quiet my mind. I will often ‘take action’ of any sort just to feel I’ve done something…. sometimes it resolves the issue at hand… sometimes it can make it worse! Good post Burt 🙂

    • Sometimes mind is crazy. You get these ‘creative’ ideas in the middle of the night, and the mind builds and builds till you finally get up and write something down … the next morning I often think ‘so much a do about nothing’ …. to the contrary dreams can be very inspiring.

  3. I over think everything, but the main thing that will stick in my brain for days and days without relenting, is thougths about a misunderstanding. My mind just can not get past it. I end up trying to fix it by doing and saying the stupidest things and only making it worse.

        • There is nothing wrong with complaining; sometimes things need to change, and then it is necessary to communicate about it. The real problem is the long way it might take for such a communication to finally take place, and the processing time in our head being much tooooooo long 🙂
          About explanations I’m less positive, although an explanation is usually the first step of the one who has been complained to; the next step should be the offer of an idea to a solution.

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