to conquer emotions?


Thinking that we are never going to succeed to conquer our emotions is a restriction on the road to freedom. We are human. We will always feel emotions. Emotions are closely related to the body, a body we cannot deny it exists, we cannot cease to eat or go to the toilet. (at least not for long)

However, we can try to moderate our own expression of those emotions, just like we have the politeness of keeping a hand in front of the mouth when we yawn, cough or burp.

Indeed, we have to moderate our anger.

Jealousy and hate are certainly contrary to freedom, but the latter two are not emotions, but figments of the mind. The same mind that makes the convention that we should conquer our emotions in order to advance spiritually. The same mind that says we should conquer mind, in order to advance spiritually.

Both ‘should’-s are self made conventions, a hurdle – if not a wall – in the face of freedom.

19 thoughts on “to conquer emotions?

  1. I don’t think emotions can be conquered, merely managed. Conquering would imply some control, and I don’t think we can control how we feel (at least, I can’t). But we can manage what we do with those feelings, how we express them. And in some cases, I think an emotion needs to be embraced. Like passion–I think passion is important in sustaining one’s life and one’s purpose. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that a passion of mine has saved me when times grew dark.

    • I started thinking much in the same direction. Passion is indeed something important in life. There is the darker side of passion, anger, that should be managed, like in ‘anger management’. I’m brooding over a post on passion, but for the moment, things are not clear yet in my head.

  2. Very interesting piece Bert, along with the comments. I have had two large spiritual experiences. The first at 26-7 i which I learned to deal with my emotions. I changed myself radically as a result of that experience. I was indeed grateful for the help that I received. The second experience was in 2005 at 59. It was radical and different. I learned hoe to “feel deeply.” That is my expression. Feeling deeply is related to compassion.

    • Hi Ian, thank you for this interesting comment.

      I think that I should have used the word mentivity from your dictionary.
      For me mind is {thinking, reason-logic, memory, opinion}. I see emotions as part of the physical brain, something like the rabbit brain in fact. Hence they are in between body and mental activity.
      But if you see mind as moul, then mind = consciousness, and then indeed moul has to find a way to achieve not ‘elimination’, but preferably mindless control.

      We want to remain human, and not become like a tree. There was a time when I read about the mystics, I was always looking to find human traits in them. If they were ‘aliens’, it might be useless to even look at hence follow their path.

      These days I realize that every one has a path on his own. And the road to Truth might even be without one. 🙂

    • It’s ok that you made friends with them. That is a wise first step. I hope that making friends with them also brought them under some kind of controlled expression, if not, your human friends might become scared. 🙂

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