Silence, the only way towards world peace?

starry moon dream catcher by Wolfsax

starry moon dream catcher by Wolfsax

When I was about 6 years old, I had a dream that I still vividly remember. What I do not remember is my exact age at that moment. I could have been a little younger or older.

I was in a place, an endless room, with a ceiling and a floor. Endless in all directions, but only 3 meters between ceiling and floor. I remember that everything looked like concrete. But can I trust my memories?

The floor had round covers, like manhole covers but wider, one meter in diameter. They were separated about six meters in all directions. These covers too in my memory, looked like concrete. When the covers started moving upwards under a yet unknown pressure from below, I saw that they were at least 25 centimetres thick, but their heavy weight could not hold the pressure pushing them upwards.

I remember this dream now, while seeing fragments of a documentary about Cambodia. I saw an interview with ‘brother number two’ Nuon Chea, Pol Pot’s right hand during the communist reign of terror between 1975 and 1979. Some images in that documentary were similar to what I saw in my dream.

Some hours later a blogger in a members-only webring reminded me of the massacre of Mai Lai in Vietnam, in 1968 by American Soldiers.

In my dream a river of holocaust victims came pushing up from below the floor and opened ‘the gates of hell’. Their incessant flow resulted in covering and crushing me with dead bodies. There my nightmare ended. I’m quite sure as this little boy, I must have seen a program on the holocaust in world war II, before going to bed that night.

The blood of every war victim, civilian or otherwise, adult or child, covers humanity, and every individual human being, as an archetype, but also as a hidden potential.

The concrete floor symbolizes our conventional thinking, hiding everything that does not fit in our beautiful picture of the world with its heroes, the greatness of our nations, the extraordinary achievements of technology, science and economics. And let’s not forget the gods that we shaped into idols who infinitely bless us. The concrete ceiling symbolizes the limits of our minds, cut off from the limitless Silence that one day might save us from the cruel atrocities our ancestors and contemporaries have been, and still are, capable of. Within these concrete layers remains our level of existence, our mediocrity, our hypocrisy, our lust for sensation.

Could there be any more urgent reason in the world to listen to Silence and practice Peace and Compassion?

Picture: Starry Moon Dream Catcherby `wolfsax – Some rights reserved.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative

26 thoughts on “Silence, the only way towards world peace?

  1. “Within these concrete layers remains our level of existence, our mediocrity, our hypocrisy, our lust for sensation.” by the very argument you make, those same concrete layers contain all the potential that was buried in them. from our concrete structures we can, with just a thought, remove the latency of imprisonment even in those things which we *think* have now imprisoned us, and energize the potential to elevate the fulcrum of collective optimism!

    • At first society creates our concrete, floor and ceiling. The potential murderers in us have to be tied down by ethics. However society by conformity likes decent citizens who don’t think too much for themselves, hence the concrete ceiling.
      Later we are responsible ourselves (at least when you don’t live in North Korea) for our own floors and ceilings, our own conventions. An agnostic is breaking the conformity of religion by using her own mind. Those who make real breakthroughs in science are above the conventions in their own profession.
      But none of these levels, still within the mind, are going to be able to really control the ‘dictator/executioner’ in every one of us, the other side of potential. I posit, that the levels above mind, whatever they are – and I call them/it Silence, are possibly capable of balancing the lower layers and archetypes of hunter and warrior and murderer, deep within the often forgotten depths of our lowest subconscious. If one is aware of the hidden potential, up and down, that awareness might have a positive influence.
      Regardless, you made me smile by using those last four words – “fulcrum of collective optimism” However if you level up the fulcrum, and for supporting concrete you will need a lot of fulcra, the layers are still there … although we might have some more collective breathing space.

    • … certainly when we are under age. I had photographed the ‘building’ this morning, but was not very happy with the result, nor with the post. I only changed some spelling errors before putting it online again, and found the dream catcher more appropriate.

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