just another monday

just another monday

Soon it will be Monday. Our Moon gave its name to the second day of the week. Sunday being the first. The second day of the first week, the biblical god divided heaven and earth.

Perhaps it was on a Monday that the international standardization organisation ISO shifted Monday’s position to the left, and made it the first day of the week. Unfortunately we have to pay for the use of ISO’s standards, so I cannot verify this :-). Somehow, it’s strange we don’t have free access to this standard, since as tax payers, we are funding ISO indirectly.

Monday is an important day. After 2 days of  well earned rest, we will rush to work and to school.

We will enjoy traffic, listen to or watch the morning news, eat breakfast really fast or even skip it completely, change clothes, wash our bodies, and even wake up by a noise hated by many: the alarm-clock. Of course, all this in reverse order. The film “The gods must be crazy” by Jamie Uys has a scene, somewhere in the beginning, much as I describe it here. But of course this is just a general impression. Many individuals, not only Bushmen from the Kalahari, escape the treadmill in one way or the other.

If you can, enjoy this small fragment depicting civilization in 1980 …


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