music or melodies

old wooden beam, solidified dead tracks

old wooden beam, solidified dead tracks

Women and men like music. Although that is not correct. We like melody. An easy melody, something that we can sing along with. A tune. Or, why not an aria. An aria sounds difficult, but a majority of people I know would have no difficulty in singing along to the sounds of  ‘Donna e Mobile’ from Verdi. The melody is easy and futile are its lyrics, not unlike ‘Like a Virgin’ from Madonna.

So what about music. Try Ravi Shankar. I have some of his records at home. I will be very honest, PSY with Gangnam style is heard 100 times more these days in the house than Ravi Shankar. When I’m alone I prefer silence. Ravi Shankar is difficult, Indian classical music. You cannot sing along, at least not after listening just 5 times to it. You have to listen to some of those pieces of beautiful music a 100 times before you start recognizing parts of it.

So listening to Ravi Shankar is like watching organized chaos, like trafic jams, or the weather. There is some predictability (and in Rav Shankar’s pieces there is even 100% predictability), but our mind gets lost in the complex vortices of nature or Shankar, and often gives up telling that there is no interest.

We, people, women and men and children, we like melody, not music. We like predictability over nature. We like a nine to five job over insecure freelancing. We like taking the same morning train every day, in stead of looking at the displacement from A to B as an adventurous journey. Of course. There is another factor we dedicate our lives to: Time. There is nothing more predictable than time: we invented it. And we have to be on time, always, and not miss on any melody.

There might be 9 different routes to take from A to B, but we will stick always to track 1. Even under severe traffic conditions. GPS or SatNav might send us somewhere else around the big jams, but still many people prefer not trusting the satellite. We all have a couple of stories where satnav sent us completely wrong and we use that single experience to back up the decision to stay where we are. Especially if the satellite would send us via places we have never been before. We don’t want to go to a place that is empty in our mind and memory, and often prefer being stuck in places we recognize.

Life is not a melody. Even if we controll everything, and stick to the things we know, changes will occur. Often abrupt. The more we trust our securities, the more shocked we will be when something ‘unimaginable’ happens.

Look at that word: beyond imagination.

We have lost all imagination. And still unimaginable things happen. We will try to explain the unimaginable, by all the theories we keep somewhere in our mind, to gain some control over what happened. But lost we are, nevertheless.

How would life be if we gave up security, and live life, day to day, as it comes and engulfs us with nothing more than an insecure roof, close to a beach, where sometimes we can catch fish, and sometimes we can’t.

We don’t have to go to god-forgotten places to play ‘operation Robinson’ and get a kick out of it. We can give up security even if we have a nine to five job, and a mortgage that will be paid back in just 5 years.

Every day offers beauty, surprise, ugliness, opportunity and freedom. Every morning is different, if we choose to see it, and be surprised by the events played before our own eyes. We play this music, that one day will end. This is not a second hand melody. This is not a second hand emotion or adventure out of a film. No, first hand. Unimaginable music. Our music of our life.

We have to give up on predictabilities like ‘an afterlife’ or like ‘no afterlife’. Both systems will condition us and will prevent us often from choosing the unpredictable. Any system will prevent us from discovering in our own way what life is all about.

There is still need for guidance, but we should always be able to question the solutions offered, and in many cases learn the hard way, and sometimes the soft way that guidance was right or wrong.


Second hand knowledge is like second hand shoes. They were a perfect fit for somebody else, and they will never smell like our own.


7 thoughts on “music or melodies

  1. Yes, the unpredicability of life is terrifying if you look at what negative things could happen and maybe that is why we stick to our comfort zones. Interesting post and love the photo of the dog’s (?) nose at the end.

    • His name is ‘Hond’, a 10 y.o. Jack Russel Terrier, terrorizing all our shoes (and sometimes more) with his nose and sensing where we have been by that organ.

      • Jack Russel Terriers are great. We had a little poodle we inherited when my mother got sick. Ko-ko. She lived till 17 and 1/2. One of my best teachers. She showed me her soul once and when she died she sent me a vision. Miss her terribly.

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