Compassion over empathy could help prevent emotional burnout (Wired UK)

via Compassion over empathy could help prevent emotional burnout (Wired UK).

I found this interesting article on WIRED – UK, touching the differences between compassion and empathy …

Training people to be compassionate rather than empathic might help to solve problems such as depression, burnout and narcissism, according to Tania Singer at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

Singer is an expert in social neuroscience and investigates the neuronal, hormonal and developmental foundations of human social cognition, including emotions such as empathy, compassion, envy and fairness.

Speaking at DLD Women in Munich, …

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9 thoughts on “Compassion over empathy could help prevent emotional burnout (Wired UK)

    • This article gives some insight:
      I might, or might not, write an article on the subject.
      Empathy is close to (if not part of) our emotional system. You feel or imagine how it feels what the other is going through. Empathy might be the initiator of compassion – I’m not out of this one yet.
      Compassion, and I prefer to name it love-compassion since about half a year seems to be multifaceted and and all level experience, accompanied by the desire to alleviate the suffering. All level meaning that it is not limited to the emotional system alone, but it goes mental and beyond (i think)
      Empathy is always limited and can lead to burnout. You can not handle all the misery of everyone. Compassion doesn’t seem to be limited, although the power to alleviate the suffering definitely is.

  1. “Compassion is a feeling of pity or a warm, caring emotion that does not involve feeling, say, sadness if the other person is sad. ”

    This is the only part I disagreed with in the magazine article. Compassion isn’t pity b/c pity means you are not equals. Pity means your looking at someone in a removed way and it isn’t necessarily all that noble IMO. I read in books on compassion before that one shouldn’t pity someone as it takes the stance you’re above them. Compassion is supposed to be about equality. You are able to see we are all one in our suffering together when compassionate. Pity removes us from our shared humanity. I’m simply stating why I didn’t like the article saying compassion is like pity. The article was good otherwise! Sorry for being negative! I agree with the basic argument though that empathy and compassion are not the same thing.

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