one quote: no self

bernadette_roberts_280(I) The moment was unheralded, unrecognized, and unknown; it was the moment I entered a great silence and never returned. Beyond the threshold of the known, the door upon self was closed, but the door upon the Unknown was opened in a fixed gaze that could not look away.
Impossible to see or remember self or to be self-conscious, the mind was restricted to the
present moment. The more it tried to reflect on itself, the more overpowering the silence.

(VI) Nine months passed before the eye upon Oneness became the eye upon nothingness. Without warning or reason, all particulars dissolved into absolute nothingness. At one point, the mind came upon the hideous void of life, the insidious nothingness of death and decay strangling life from every object of sight. Only self can escape such a vision because only self  knows fear, and only fear can generate the weapons of defense. Without a self the only escape is no escape; the void must be faced, come what may.
(X) As the river flows, from out of the formless void arises the greatest of great realities, a simple smile. The smile itself, the one that smiled and the one at which it smiled were as identical as the trinity. The smile is neither subject nor object, but the act and manifestation of the otherwise unknown and unmanifest; it is the form of the formless, the Eternal Form from which all multiple form arises and to which it ultimately returns. The true nature, then, of what remains beyond self is Eternal Form – the act and manifestation of the formless and unmanifest. The relative mind cannot hold on to this truth, it cannot grasp, convey – or even believe – that which has revealed itself. This identity can never be communicated because it is the one existent that can never be either objectified or  subjectified.

The Experience of No-Self
A Contemplative Journey
Bernadette Roberts


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