some thoughts on happiness

Do we really have all the things to make us happy in the world?

an unexpected game seems to make us a lot more happy than money, power or security

an unexpected game seems to make us a lot more happy than money, power or security

Does happiness come from security?
NO, we fear insecurity and this fear for insecurity takes happiness away.
Does happiness come from health?
NO, but we fear death when we get unhealthy for too long.
(how long is too long for you?)
Does happiness come from power?
NO, but many of us have a fear for losing control, and cling to power if possible, so a lack of power makes them unhappy.

Sorrow clearly takes happiness away.

Real happiness seems to be a crime today, replaced by desires for kicks of any kind, and always the newest of this and that.
This unreal happiness also seems to be prone to habituation:

Where does happiness really come from?

A radiant smile with you as the target will make your day.
A real smile, the opposite of an angry face can make you happy for several hours or even longer. A genuine compliment can accompany this smile – the opposite of an angry snap.

But we shouldn’t be happy alone through others. Otherwise we might get addicted to compliments and smiles, and become a narcist, or even worse.

HH. Dalai Lama said: “The inner peace of an alert and calm mind is the source of real happiness and good health.”

Perhaps we should listen to him and realize that source within.


10 thoughts on “some thoughts on happiness

    • Everyone should discover these things their own way. I’m only pointing to the direction one might take, it worked for me, but not for everyone.
      Security, Health is still an issue, but the word enough is always there.
      The world within is still undiscovered. I’ll spend some time there the next 10 years, and perhaps after that if life permits.

      • Oh, I believe the world within holds the Truth, the path to enlightenment and sometimes I can go there. Being Bipolar and manic at times makes it hard but that is no excuse. It is like the middle path I wrote about recently– the only way to go. Fear, desire, materialism are the source of unhappiness. And health, well, having been sick on and off for a few months with nothing serious (and that may be key) has brought me to a better place but I have far to go.

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