So any desire can lead to a loss, and any desire can lead to a fear of losing it.
And that loss, or just its fear, might lead to anger or sadness.
The five stages of grief from the Kuebler-Ross model, talk of anger and depression,
but also of denial at first and bargaining in between.

caught in a labyrinth of desires ... where to go now?

caught in a labyrinth of desires … where to go now?

The denial phase doesn’t last long when we see that somebody else ate the last cake, although sometimes we might say out loud: “This can’t be true?!”. We can quickly make that somebody who took the cake as the target of our anger, or just burst to tears when we are 5 years old. There is nobody to bargain with, unless the cake is not yet fully consumed. Envy and Hate might be the result if we don’t or never accept, although in this example that might be over the top to say the least.

The desire might be a desire to always pay a moderate telephone bill, and its loss or fear of losing might be seeing somebody making a long distance call.

The desire might be a desire that people always follow your instructions.
The desire might be a desire that people pay attention to you.

The desire might be a world within our control,
a desire not to get old,
a desire to get rich,

a desire for peace …
a desire to get enlightened … 🙂

A desire not to get angry, then being provoked by someone, hence getting into a torrential rage.


10 thoughts on “Loss

  1. Our desire can also become a means of loss. We may lose out when we desire because what we desire is what we lust not what we really need. Desiring something is something that our mental state won’t settle for till we indulge in the drug and feel in our consciouness that we have attained that desire, then after a time of passing. That desire becomes a source of conflict in the inner soul, that desire has led you to many corruptions which you can not escape because you have committed your norm or value just for that desire which will be felt as desired for only a moment. What a world it is we sacrifice value for things which hold no worth.

    • Sorry for this late reply. Desire seems to be the nature of everything mind does, does not, doesn’t want to do and does do. Desire is always conflict, yes … certainly! But living up to a certain value is just another desire too. It seems difficult not to be under the influence of desire at all.
      I think your comment inspired my latest post.
      Thank You!

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