any moment

any moment

any moment

every moment
the world ends
and starts again
a little different
the power
of one


18 thoughts on “any moment

  1. At the blink of an eyelid?
    The photo looks like the eye of a crocodile or alligator (but is the scar of a lopped branch on a tree, of course!)
    My best wishes to you and your family for the festive season and the year 2013.

    • Kind wishes to you and yours …

      it is the eye of a relatively young oak tree – i saw it grow till what it has become right now. I think it is not older than 35 years, though it has grown very fast these last 5 years.

  2. Perfectly captures that truth. As a minister, teaching people how to align with (realize they are not separate from) the Creative Power which re-creates existence over and over like that, I tell them that from what I have read, it seems that quantum physicists say that existence blinks into and out of existence zillions of times every nano-second, and every time it returns it is slightly different. The question then arises, what influences HOW it comes back each time!!!!! What makes the difference, different in particular ways?

    • It is very liberating to realize that you will never be able to grasp the ungraspable with your mind. What makes the difference different is prone to awe but cannot be understood by mind itself.

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