space object

space object

It’s obvious that we are in the middle of a world transformation unlike anything that ever happened before. Only, this has been happening for several decades already, and will continue for many more decades to come. In the eye of history it might well look like a short period, but for us in the middle of it, it might well last over a lifetime.

We need to take some distance to look at ourselves in the mirror. If we want to see more than just our own face, more than a meter distance is necessary. If we want to look at planet earth, we need a satellite. That satellite is orbiting at a height of at least 200 kms, but it is even likely it is orbiting in a geo synchronic orbit at 36000 kms altitude.

To view an object, we need to take a distance, to look at a movement in time, we equally need to change perspective. Imagine how people 200 years from now will look upon our lifetime. Imagine how people during the time of Napoleon would look upon our times.
And vice versa, how do we look upon the year 1800. We cannot look. We cannot remember anything that happened in 1800.
From history we learned something about the industrial revolution. But that industrial revolution itself was spread over a period from 1750 till 1850. Not a moment in time, an entire century!
Still thinking about 1800? What about the age of enlightenment? We cannot pinpoint this period in time exactly. It ‘started’ somewhere around 1650 and ‘ended’ roughly in 1800.

So our own world transformation, the one we are living ourselves right now, has to be put in perspective. We are seeing something never seen before in the history of mankind: globalisation in all possible ways. We have been interconnected now, but that means that a lot, if not all, local equilibria are completely out of balance and have to find a new point of rest. And that is happening now. Right now, under our very eyes.

Remember hearing this phrase being said: “oh i wished to have been 18 years old during flower power” or “i wished to have lived during the days of Buddha.” But you are probably very lucky that you live now, and not then. If you had lived in South America during the time of Buddha, would you have got any information about him or his ideologies?

But in two centuries, people studying history might say, “what a great time to have lived in”. Referring to our times, right now.
We don’t realise we are living in this great times of change and all its possibilities right now. We don’t even realise that we are participating.  But even worse, when we think about 2012, some are waiting for some Hollywood drama to happen upon us. And we’d feel like passive victims of some doomsday scenario.
Well, wake up, this is not going to happen. We can participate and write history, or we can undergo all changes and still be happy skype-ing around the world and fly low-cost to Thailand, and see petrol run out and watch alternative energy being brought into life.

Big changes!!! See how the world’s economy has already become one big market.

But what about the organisation of a global society? What about our limited mindset? How can we co-create a well working global society where it is good to live. I think this is the challenge of our times.

The world is NOW unifying. And this is indeed not a process without victims. Right now economic disasters are visible in Detroit or Greece, ecological disasters are happening at an unprecedented rate, the clash of ideologies has happened and is still happening with at least a frightening  100 million victims in the previous century and still continuing now.

But there are also many benefits in a unifying world.

The Internet has given us the possibility, for the fist time in history of planet earth, to have access to information and libraries wherever on the globe. In the seventies you had to travel several years to acquire knowledge about a subject like ‘advaita vedanta’. Now you can sit behind your desk and read about 100 different viewpoints on it in a couple of days. If you want to go deep in the subject, you will know where to go and meet whoever is a master on the subject, or you might just exchange ideas with her by email. The internet can be an instant learning tool.
We are doing this right now.

Nobody complains about this 2012 communication scenario. We can now speed up of ‘mental’ and ‘intuitive’ evolution at a pace never seen before. There are many awakened people on this earth right now. If only we would look at reality as it is, and not as it appears in our brains, we would instantly recognise this. These are interesting times, not one buddha or one christ, only reachable by those within 500 kms distance and living at the same time, but many saints and enlightened people, available to the whole world. You can right NOW chat with them if you want, from the privacy of you own home.

The internet is also an instant opinion maker. It could be used to change the way political power is exerted and change the way governments are working today. And this is happening. It is the information from elsewhere that changes minds in countries like Egypt or Syria, and Persia, and China. Unfortunately this is a chaotic process. There is indeed a world revolution going on right now.
The powers that be know all too well where the danger comes from. To control people, you need to control their sources of information. And this is becoming very difficult.

There is a world revolution going on right now. Not only there, but also here. Merkel does not understand it yet. She could use the power of the internet to create a EURO-forum and solve problems through consensus. Listen to people, talk to them, see what is happening on all fronts and find solutions carried by a majority of all europeans. Instead, she’s using the old (could be much worse) pseudo-democratic system to dictate what should happen. Instead she only uses the petrified national bank logic of the previous centuries. There is no perspective, no insight, no creative solution.
And this kind of thinking is doomed. It is not only doomed to fail in this rapidly changing world, it is in the long term doomed to disappear completely.

So how do we co-create an evolved world society with 7 billion earthlings? That is our challenge, and our children’s challenge.

How do we avoid 1984 scenarios? Communication has solved this problem. Internet and sat-TV. You cannot keep your citizens stupid anymore. You can only temporarily cut them off from information. North Korea is the last system succeeding in this scenario, but a country like China is just too big to keep a great firewall firmly into place. They try, but it doesn’t work anymore.

Can we avoid ‘Brave new world’ scenarios?
I’m afraid this is not going to be easy. Communication alone will not tackle this problem. Education is necessary. But what education? What universal values can we teach our children in a unified global village. I’m a bit afraid that the no-values society is already here. But that is a necessary step towards global-values. The old systems of religion cannot be renovated from inside.
However, there is a spiritual ‘awakening’ taking place right now, that might lead in the long run to ‘(re)new(ed)-values. Some of those values are quite old already and were written down as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as adopted by the United Nations General Assembly (10 December 1948 at Palais de Chaillot, Paris). But many amendments will be needed to make something really universal.

So 2012 … in the middle of changes towards a diversely unified global village. Changes that have become possible through technology and the exploitation of petrol. Technology itself is neutral. What we did/do/will do with it isn’t.

We urgently need to get rid of fossil fuels!
We urgently need to get rid of the abuse of technology for harming the earth and its inhabitants. Clean ecology, clean economy, clean decision making.

The heavens are not going to fall upon our heads, the 21st of december 2012.
The earth is very probably not going to be destroyed by some cosmic event.
But we need YOU !!! to participate in our global village.

There is still a very long way to go, and we have no idea how the future will look like. But it is all very interesting to live now, and not to be afraid of change. I don’t believe in instant changes on earth, but if i look back and see how things have changed in the past 50 years …

When I was a child, the churches in Europe were filled with people every sunday. That had been the way of life for more than a thousand years. Now they are closing down. On the timeline of history, that is called instantaneous.

originally posted June 19, 2012

7 thoughts on “2012

  1. If it didn’t take a miracle to save us, to save even some mammal larger than a guinea pig, I wouldn’t be expecting it to happen.

    But “Humans looking back at this 200 years from now” is by no means guaranteed.

    Being a veteran of the sexual revolution was fun — and sometimes utterly beautiful, but six months with mono wasn’t. Neither was screwing up my love life just as badly as any moralistically-burdened fool of the present confusion.

    Aside from the caveat that “a market” (when any such thing manages to briefly exist) only drives prices down, perhaps to less than anyone can make a living on, until some real shortage or some artificial price-fixing system comes along to mitigate that effect — What we have is not a “world market” but a world robbery in progress, a competition not of ‘efficiency’ but of the power to stomp out smaller competitors by sheer size & dishonesty.

    I continue to await the destruction of ‘our world’ (‘as we know it’) by some catastrophe of human evil, ignorance, and/or irresponsibility. ‘Sooner’ may well be a more merciful outcome than ‘later’. But I don’t arrange these matters.

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