what happened to the boy (2)

Once there was a seventeen year old boy. He realized in the last year of high school, that many good things in his life would disappear. So he enjoyed that last year to the fullest, and celebrated his 18th birthday with all his friends. It was a very long and hot summer that year.

Some days after graduation he went to France with his two best friends. They went to Auvergne to see some volcanoes and to Paris for “fun”. His mother was a little ill, and had to go to the hospital for some tests, just before they left. She worried a lot but didn’t show it. Thanks to the not existence of internet or mobile phones, they were utterly free in Paris. But when he came back, 3 weeks later, he had to hear that his mother had just been operated from a carcinoma on the ovaries. Nobody could tell him about this disease, so after a fortnight of ignorance he went, alone, to his GDP and asked for the best outcome. After that he was the only one in the family who abandoned hope. He kept his secret in angry silence.

the forest during a dark and rainy winter night

He went to the forest, daily, with Doggy2. There he had conversations. With himself? He doesn’t know yet today. He went any time of day, also in the rainy or moonless nights, after 2am. He knew any branch, any flower, any animal, and some other strange human beings who had other secrets to hide. Even blindfold, he would have found his way.

That year, he got a drivers license, and a car, and started studying agronomy at the university. He felt often very alone there. His mother told him he was a good driver. He often went with her to hospital for radiation therapy. Father did the chemo driving.

His mother was very strong, and her hope carried her another two years, twice as far as the GDP had predicted. Two days before her death she was already in a different world, and walked and conversed with her father who had died 10 years before from lung-cancer. The then 9 y.o. boy had read a lot of books by E. Kuebler Ross to come to terms losing his grandfather. Now he followed the enlightening descriptions of his mother from within the wonderful world of his mind. She died at home, a Sunday morning, not long after the doctor administered an injection to ease the pain.


23 thoughts on “what happened to the boy (2)

  1. I found the rest of your story by looking at the date of the first one I’d read, and locating the archives.

    How sad about your mother. I hope you have precious memories of her to cherish, but I imagine you must miss her.

    • Life would have been very different if she’d still be around. It is now nearly 30 years ago. The memories slowly fade away. There is nothing emotional about it any more. Just a wondering silence …

      • Love this story, came back to it because of a comment. It must have been very hard losing your mother at such a young age and not getting along with your father all that well, given that he is a narcissist. My husband also suffered from a narcissistic father. He has many scars from his childhood. I know of only one or two ideal families– by ideal meaning some sense of normalcy. I wonder what it must be like to grow up in one. Anyhow, just wanted to say I am sorry. We all lose our parents if we live long enough. Losing my brother was a different kind of loss. I love your stories because they are so clearly written and evocative.

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