what happened to the boy (1.1)

summer forest

Once there was a four year old boy, who went to the forest all by himself. His father had told him that he could already go, but this must have been a misunderstanding. He followed the path that his father walked all the time, always accompanied by Doggy, often accompanied by his sister. It was not far. It was not dangerous. He felt happy there. Sometimes they picked flowers there. There was no law yet prohibiting such. Sometimes his father came to collect wood. Or soil for flower pots. But most often they just walked around there, and enjoyed the sounds, smells, tastes and sights of nature.
The boy went quite far, well knowing where he was, still aware of it today, alone, never afraid, and Doggy found him, followed by a very happy father.


14 thoughts on “what happened to the boy (1.1)

  1. That arrow doesn’t show up for me in here, although I know what you mean, as I have seen it on my own blog. Anyway, I did manage to find the rest of the story by looking in the archives for November 2012.

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