on emptiness …

There are many voids

The void without the senses is the easiest to understand: no sound/silence, no light/dark, no taste, no smell, no touch …

The void, empty of emotions, can be understood by the mind, but can it really be ‘human’. No more anger, hate or fear – on one hand – No more lust, passion or attraction on the other hand.

I deliberately avoid to see love/compassion as an emotion. In my opinion emotions are close to the body and work with hormones, but love/compassion doesn’t seem to work like that, and belongs to another level, and perhaps with that level exists also another level of emptiness?

The non conceptual void can be understood by using conceptual language, as Nagarjuna did, and in a way also Immanuel Kant. Being in this void implies that nothing has a conceptual meaning or value. This implication is difficult to swallow to say the least. The mind does not like it, although it does not cease to exist even in this void.  Mind is completely under control and follows the will. No ego can be imagined here. Selfless is the master of her mind  …

Our ‘free’ will seems to find its origin in the desire(s) it wants or does not want to follow. A desire can be sensual, emotional, conceptual, but probably also part of the higher levels, like love/compassion (in my humble opinion). When does the will cease to exist? How do desires beyond the conceptual level look like? Can one desire that everyone should be free of desires? One can indeed desire this, but is it feasible?

The other voids need poetry and can’t be expressed in words or concepts …

What about the void without  a soul? but what is a soul? If you can answer that question you can imagine the void without. Pay attention my Buddhist friends. Buddhism knows the concept of clear light. What about the void without clear light?

And yet another void: the death of the self-reflecting mechanism – it  cannot be fathomed into words, far beyond no-ego – experiencing is gone, knowledge is beyond memory. How to experience this while consciousness is still connected to the body?

The ultimate hurdle must be the end of Spirit ( God / Force / Universe ) – what cannot be seen, conceptualized or imagined as we are part of it – it cannot be experienced in no-way but it can also not be ‘been’ in any way, since Spirit is Being. How is it, not to be? Can you be friends with this void?


8 thoughts on “on emptiness …

    • I don’t think that you are wrong, but at the same time i don’t think that you are right either. This realm is beyond words, beyond right or wrong, and only accessible by experiences. As soon as we are trying to talk about an absence of something, or a canvas, we are conceptualizing the non-conceptual world … and that will lead to paradoxes and misunderstandings.

  1. I do not, as a spirit/person, truly believe in voids. There is always something in an area. Now, saying that as a science person who knows that 99% of the physical is space, requires some careful treading. But, as a spiritual, emotional, thinking person, there are a lot of voids in these areas that I do not truly believe in. If not one thing, then another would be what I would promote. I don’t know if this is making sense; it does to me (for the most part – lol).

    • I think you shouldn’t believe anything, certainly not voids, but our vocabulary is too limited to talk about non conceptual ‘suchness’.
      Spirituality is about experience. For me at least. I have no idea whether a void can exist – as darkness is just the absence of light, and therefore darkness does not exist by itself. Darkness is the canvas without the light. But I have experienced absence of mind (don’t get me wrong 🙂 ) a lot in my life, and recently (ca. 18 months) became aware of it.
      I think most of us recognize that point of connection which some psychologists call ‘the flow’, something you experience when you do something that you really like, without any effort (like teaching). Or the moments of speechlessness when in awe about art or nature.
      The mind is empty then. If you are aware of that happening (like meta-cognition on your mind by your mind without spoiling ‘the flow’), you can start to venture in this strange world beyond mind.

  2. Here is a contribution from Nisargadatta: “The very base is that you don’t know you are (in deep sleep), and suddenly the feeling of “I Amness” appears. The moment it appears you see space, mental space; that subtle, sky-like space, stabilize yourself there. You are that. When you are able to stabilize in that state, you are space only. When this space-like identity “I Am” goes into oblivion, that is the eternal state, “nirguna”, no form, no beingness. …
    Dealing with this aspect, I cannot talk much because there is no scope to put it into words. (from Prior to Consciousness)

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