The Wall

There is no sanity, neither is there insanity. There is only humanity, individual beings trying to survive in an incomprehensible world. We all cope with the pain – around us and done to us – in a different way. And sometimes we can’t cope with it. Whatever way, it is our survival instinct. Whatever coping mechanism, we are suffering nonetheless.

It seems that everyone on earth has two things in common: a survival mechanism, and suffering. For some the suffering is incomprehensible. Suffering is always mental. Suffering is not physical pain. But physical pain can lead to suffering. The fear that the physical pain will continue or intensify leads to severe or immense suffering. The fear that the mental pain will never end leads to extreme suffering. Mental suffering can and does often lead to physical pain.

Sometimes fear evaporates, for a moment, sometimes longer … In that moment we are free, until fear comes back, or regret, or guilt, or anything that will make us suffer again …

… we are not alone … few are the beings on earth without suffering, without fear … seeing suffering in others can bring above the most beautiful kindness, the kindness of compassion. Suffering is the one and only thing we all have in common. It could bring us all closer together.

The survival mechanism blocks love. Fear is the opposite of Love. When the survival mechanism goes into overdrive, the self becomes fragmented and fear becomes uncontrollable. A strong wall of fear might protect against further damage. However, love cannot penetrate it any more. When in fear, I do not trust love, neither do I trust compassion.

Human beings, beings in general, might not be trustworthy, but the love and compassion they give, definitely is. The love given by us human beings is just not a steady stream, often just a flickering of light.

So, in the end, we fear our own craving for the steady stream.
My craving creates my Wall.

6 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. Much said here that people should pay attention to. I believe we all have love in common; we just don’t all show that love. Fear is the opposite of love; fear is the absence of love; so I see love in everything. Just my view.

  2. GREAT message friend!

    Even for those that are aware, the challenge is to avoid ‘pendulum swinging’ back to “victim mode”. There is no perfection in an imperfect world – but as you said, there are perfect moments of selflessness which often occur as a ‘flicker of light’. My personal goal is to flip the switch, make those moments of ‘fear’ the flicker and the moments of compassion more of the steady stream.

    While totally removing fear from our lives is a feat few may achieve in this life – REMEMBERING what fear is can alleviate the anxiety and mitigate its impact. REMEMBERING what fear is can serve as a powerful “trigger” to remind us that it is necessary in order to exhibit courage.

    Excellent thoughts!

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