awakening, … enlightenment, … first there is compassion

First Compassion, next Great Compassion must be the basis of knowledge and wisdom about life.

Compassion is the desire to alleviate or stop the suffering of others. Love is the desire to make others happy. Both can of course be combined.

Great Compassion leads to immediate action, an irresistible urge to do something about the suffering that is now seen, where ordinary compassion does not necessarily lead to any such action. Great Compassion means being so compassionate as to want to become a buddha only to help ending the suffering of other beings.

Compassion will always become more encompassing. Compassion starts with self, expanding to family and friends, then your neighborhood, later your city, county, country. Expanding to your enemies and all those who have hurt you and yours, nationwide, worldwide. Not ending with humanity, encompassing all lifeforms on Earth, encompassing all life in the Universe, and if there is a beyond, beyond that one too.

Wisdom can only be acquired by first hand experience. Reading about an experience, might lead to 2nd hand wisdom, but only your own experiences do really count. What is most important after the experience is the feedback on the experiences. Feedback by teachers or peers, so we do not make the wrong conclusions. Experiences based on compassion, lead to great wisdom.

Awakening is having acquired the right knowledge and wisdom through experience about what life is all about.

Enlightenment comes when living your life, truly based upon the wisdom acquired when awakening.

Side effects might or might not manifest.


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