To India with Sofie: Day 5

Wednesday September 5, 2012

Sofie seems to be cured from her stomach upset. She now lives on chips and PepsiCola, tries bread and spaghetti. Today she played a lot with children from friends who came to welcome my friend Tenzin.

It has been 9 months since i last saw my friend, and we have a lot to talk about. Today is a day of celebrating friendship. Tenzin had a good night of sleep, although day and night are reversed for him, so now and then, he moves into his sleeping room to take a nap.

Tomorrow, Tenzin, Thinlay, Tashi, Sofie and l will go to Manali in Himachal Pradesh. Tenzin lives there together with his brothers and sisters, stepmother and his aunt. Some of us are trying to find out whether we can go by plane to Kullu, and continue from there. Many are concerned about Sofie and her stomach condition. We want to avoid what happened 2 days ago. However, there are no flights, for some reason, probably because of Monsoon season, but nobody seems to know exactly. Tashi will thus arrange for a vehicle to Manali, so all 5 of us can travel tomorrow.

But today we are all relaxed, watching BBC world service, and having a talk about each other’s whereabouts in the past year, and a couple of other subjects.

As the news keeps telling us, there is a problem in Syria. Perhaps 1.000.000 people have fled their country, and probably more than 20.000 people have already died in what should be called a civil war. A local dictator doesn’t want to see the injustice he’s causing, and for every day he clings to his power, 100 more people die, and 20.000 others try to cross the border.

It seems to be interesting to compare dictators and to try to find out what’s going on in their mind. Apparently, they don’t have a heart anymore, and if they have, they forget to listen to it. Another problem is their access to correct information. Not only does a dictator see what he wants to see through his own coloured glasses, moreover, his inner circle of advisors will not contradict him and serve him what he wants to see on a golden plate so to speak, out of personal fear.
And that seems to be the biggest problem of all: some politicians become dictators as soon as they have no more equals next to them who are able to contradict him(or her) and give their direct opinion about his(or her) leadership. When there is no more genuine feedback possible, a dictator is in place.

Another subject in the news is the search for clean, renewable and affordable energy. Is there no possibility of generating FREE energy? Of course, no organization is ever going to be interested in something that doesn’t have value …. except, … there is a project going on in North America called HAARP, amongst others funded by DARPA, the organization that gave us an Internet. HAARP is research in auroral energy, but it might have spin offs that could transfer energy wireless without any danger, and it might even generate free energy.
So, if there is one organization in the world today that is not interested in making money (because they get funded by the USA tax-payers), it is the US army. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a pacifist, I’m only objectively looking at possibilities – and be honest: do you reject using the Internet because it is an invention of DARPA? Do you refuse to use GPS because it was developed by the department of defense in the USA? Would you refuse clean energy if it were developed by that same organization?
Somehow the world is a strange place to live in.

Later Tenzin and I were discussing Eckhart Tolle‘s The Power of Now. How living in the Present must be based on experiences from the past. Those experiences are like savings in a bank. Experiences that tell you that you shouldn’t live in the past and keep our glasses as uncoloured as possible about what is happening right now. Experiences that show us that we equally shouldn’t keep ourselves busy with a future too far. Only the future that we are creating right now is important. Like setting a next step to clean and affordable energy, and not dreaming about step10 and keeping ourselves busy with what-if-scenarios for too long. In the end, thought patterns can be changed by being aware of them. That awareness can analyze the self, and its mind and thoughts, and as such it can remove old and less useful habits and replace them by newer and better ones. We shouldn’t forget that also during sleep, the brain, mind, and thought circuits are continuously renewed, in such a way that awareness never stops altering the self.

My eyes start hurting from too much A/C and not enough sleep. Tomorrow we will leave by 6.30am and head for the Himalayas.

Karma’s Google Earth computer shows a straight line to Chandigarh, but then a lot of twists and turns in the road. Google earth also predicts 564 km, and 9:31 driving time. Tashi who just came from Manali 2 days ago laughs out loud with this very optimistic information. I put Sofie to bed and pack our things.


2 thoughts on “To India with Sofie: Day 5

  1. I was wondering why, when you post a link to wiki, you do not check the box to open in a separate window? It is so much easier on the person reading as they do not have to scroll around when done to find their place again. Just a thought. Good Post. I am glad Sophie got better.

    • thank you for noticing. I often forget to adjust them, so they will open in another tab. I adjusted and checked them just now. I use my CTRL key to make it happen when others forget …

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