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by hippi chic:

Over recent days I am finding I am so angry, it doesn’t take a lot to get me riled up. I don’t understand it. I have read so many things of late behind the why people of today are getting so angry. Does this apply to me? Is it all the things I have recently faced and the constant pain I endure and other things I face every day a part of the cause? So far I have seen that the food we eat contributes to our anger issues, this life’s past issues and past life issues that have not been dealt with also are contributing factor. I have no clue where this has come from.
I do Reiki everyday on myself, and that does not help. Meditation is not helping either. I have focused on my Chakras, alas that too has not worked. What else can I do to deal with the anger? I don’t understand why all of a sudden I have so much anger in me. I don’t like it yet I seem powerless to stop it 😦


Anger is the opposite of peace. Deep down, there is an origin of fear … fear of losing something … fear of separation … fear of death …
Hate is there when what we feared would happen has indeed happened and we cannot find peace with it.
A long time ago a wise woman told me that fear is the opposite of love … and not hate … and i have found out over the years that this is correct. Love and Compassion brings together, fear separates. We are all struggling with anger now and then, and there are times in life when there is more anger, and there are times with more peace.
We cannot suppress anger, we can only try to find out which buttons and triggers we have, and than work on those buttons.
When evolved, anger also gives the possibility of riding its energy wave. But first we have to learn the condition of the water, the board and the waves, before we are able to surf. Doing so we can convert the energy into something useful and do the right move without any kind of violence (verbal, physical, psychological, mental, even spiritual). riding the wave anger becomes a moment of mobilisation.
I found some books very helpful: by Pema Chodron (when thinks fall apart), and a book by HH the Dalai Lama on patience (Healing Anger: The Power of Patience from a Buddhist Perspective).

hippy chic:

I am pleased to say that I have found what the source of it was. Grief is a powerful emotion and when one has not grieved for someone or something it creates a deep seated anger that continues to fester over time. What came to the for after I asked for the blinkers to be removed and that I be able to see what it is that caused such a deep anger, I was stunned by the emotions and feelings that followed. There were two people in my life that I never allowed myself the chance to grieve for. One was my paternal Grandmother as her passing came eight weeks after my fathers. I was dealing with dad’s passing which never allowed room for my Nan’s passing to be faced and grieved. The other was for the man I loved, was in love with and being honest I still am. The what should have been’s and all that comes with a break down in a relationship. After dealing with all the anger and bitterness we had brewing between us and building a close friendship I was able to see what I had been robbed of but was unable to have due to problems he had. Thus a grief had formed and being stubborn I buried it rather than faced it. Then we lost him to pneumonia and was never given the chance to tell him how I truly felt and what I wanted.. Again I was denied an opportunity and grief was set in motion again. Wow that was a lot of grief that had not been ridden out, now it has been. An incredible time of healing and many days of crying in order for this grief to be released. I strongly urge anyone that has an issue with anger to look deep within and ask God and the Angel’s to help you see what is causing it.


3 thoughts on “on anger interactive

  1. For what it’s worth, I have found a lot of healing in the psychological theory behind Internal Family Systems therapy. It is very accepting of all part so us that are ultimately trying to protect us in some way. It’s about loving yourself instead of judging yourself. Incidentally, it helps one love others along the way too.

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