the Force

There is some universal glue in the universe that makes things and consciousness come together.

Rocks clump together through the forces of gravity, and if there are enough of them, they make up a round planet. The same force creates stars or suns out of gas clouds. Atoms are held together by the forces of electricity and their cores, protons and neutrons, are kept together by the strong force.

We can identify another force or drive powering compassion and love. This drive brings life and humans  together.

Whether you call this force God or Universal Love makes no difference. This force is within all of us. It leads to a reality of “all is one”.

Perhaps this cosmic glue beyond science and religion, linking all things and life, is all that’s needed to understand the universe.

In a recent past, there were times that i needed a creator, and there were times when i needed a jesus and angels and guides. Whenever i needed them, they would be there. Maybe this is a way to grasp reality through my very limited mind. My mind creates its ‘world beyond’ as a conceptualized reality from a reality behind comprehension. This is a constructed metaphysics.

My metaphysics, God(s), Angels, Buddhas, Boddhisattvas, Saints, Orbs, Crystals or Guides, are mindful projections of that same universal force within each one of us.

Today  i see my old metaphysics as a set of crutches. One or the other day, i will learn to walk without them.

5 thoughts on “the Force

  1. May the force be with you.

    The force in the world beyond… to the world within… to just the force. May the force be us.

    May the force be.


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