A Meaning of Life?

Hereunder you can find two examples of an ultimate deception:

1. to go out of the assumption that life and consciousness is meaningful
2. to go out of the assumption that life and consciousness is meaningless

Ultimately, one could say that all spiritual/religeous deceptions in life come down to one of the above. Either somethings is false but you believe it, or something is true and you do not believe it.

I question deception and in consequence belief itself.

We are not meaningful, neither are we meaningless. We just ARE.
Whether that is meaningful or not? Does it really matter?

We ARE, we experience and do things. What and how is an individual expression/experience of our consciousness. Whether that matters or not is usually only seen in relation to other consciousness. But if we would be taken out of context and would be put on in a desert without life unrelated to any other consciousness, and survive there a couple of days, we would still do and experience things.

If i believe, or actively disbelieve, something that i cannot verify, i live in theory and not in practice. My actions might or might not be inspired by my belief. If they are, i am deceiving myself.

To know something, i need to experience it, hence i need the eye to witness that experience. I need a telescope to look at far away objetcs in the cosmos, or a verifiable picture from it. That telescope, or the picture it transmits becomes my eye.

Example: is it true that I experience life and consciousness on a continual basis?

It becomes tricky when i say that i experience sleep, since there is no experience in deep sleep. But through some meditation practice, i could or could not remain conscious while in deep sleep. Just like aiming a telescope on the right object needs practice, experiencing deep sleep consciously needs practice too.

So i need an eye, and instructions and experience of how to use my eye to verify things for myself. If many do the same with similar results, a lot of others will believe the truth of the experience, even if they never experienced. But in fact, you can never be certain about it until you see for yourself.

Many people think that if you put the fire hotter when boiling an egg, that it indeed will cook faster. But it does not. The egg gets boiled in water that will never reach a temperature higher than 100 Celcius. Heat is transferred from one object to another by a difference in temperature.
Putting the boiling water on a hotter fire will vaporize more water in the same amount of time, but it will not increase the temperature. Hence the only thing that can boil an egg faster in water might be a pressure cooker, where the boiling temperature is brought to something like 125 Celsius, and the transfer of heat between egg and water is indeed faster. You could also add a lot of salt to the water.

The above can be tested by experiment, and only if you have tested this seemingly counterintuitive physics by yourself, you will accept its truth. You will not believe either point of view. No, you will just know the truth.

Your truth is based upon your own individual experiences. Whether your brain is able to understand what is ‘sees’, depends on everything verifiable it has memorized in its conceptual world of truths.

Experiencing a truth is easier when there are others who will experience the same truth and exchange their experience with you. But truth is not a democracy. Out of truths, we will create theories, conceptualized in our brains and writings, until one or the other bright girl sets up a different experiment to disprove the theory.

Belief and deception are always a theory.
Knowledge is always based on an experience.

Meaning is not a blief or a knowledge, it is a scale of value by which we can label experiences. Such will be different for every individual. So there is no objective ‘meaning’ of life. Even if life happens to be true (and to me it is, since i experience it now). But scaling it zero or infinity will barely change the way i experience it.

I do not want to say that meaning and value is unimportant. It certainly is. But believing that the value of something is always the same for everyone, or even believing that the value of something is always the same within your own limited world, is a great source of deception.

And now, i have one question for you: “Is truth meaningful or meaningless?”

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