the roller coaster of existence

Knowledge increases, but what did it change?
I might look different upon what happens, but it happens anyway.
I might have the choice of action, but instead i still re-act.
Perhaps my reaction is different now, but who notices?
Maybe the choice is between two lesser evils, but which is lesser than the other?
However, knowing this, it hurts more than before.
I stopped being not-responsible, and the world did appear even more empty to me.
What’s the point? Is there a point?
Who cares? Is there anything to care about?
Is there anything?
Why am i me, and not you?
What am i but disconnected from All.
If compassion derives from ‘all is one’,
why do i then feel so alone?


4 thoughts on “the roller coaster of existence

  1. … i will need to experience this … 1st hand … i read a lot about it in the last decade, but reading without practice or experience remains void and hollow.

  2. Erich Schiffmann (in line with a lot of yogic tradition here) says that people take up yoga to become one with Big Mind — & when they get that realization, recognize that they never had been separate.

    At first it looks as if we’re in a sort of network, passing notes along the strands from node to node — but for that to be possible, some kind of unity must needs connect the whole. People these days have no trouble seeing that, ie the physical unity of ‘the universe’ via the universal applicability of its ‘laws’, but the same principle applies in larger contexts…

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