there is Compassion

(1) When I deconstruct everything, then like Nietzsche, Sartre, Camus, and like all existentialists, and all post-modernists, I also have to destroy ethics. Deconstruction is just a nice word for destruction.

(construct) However, I noticed that there is compassion, the basis of all ethics.

(11) I could voluntary neglect compassion and be resposible for me acting otherwise. That would be existentialist thinking.
(12) I could see compassion as just a feeling. Then if I go beyond anger, i will at the same time go beyond compassion.
(21) bernadette roberts: “Thus charity or compassion is no longer something we practice, it is the deepest center of our being that arises automatically, spontaneously. ”
I refuse (11) and at the same time i’ve read from ‘those who have gone beyond emotions'(21) that compassion still is there which refutes (12).

Then is compassion a driving force of the evolving consciousness in the Universe?
If it is, (but i can not prove it) i can use it as the most infinitesimal metaphysics.

“There is compassion”

notes: May 13, 2012 —
Postmodernism will just destroy metaphysics. It will spare nothing. It only deconstructs and never reconstructs. Postmodernism lacks value and meaning throughout. No value will be put higher or lower than any other system. In this flatland, hitler’s nazism is on the same level as advaita vedanta. There is pluralism without any preference. This might be good in one way as to be respectful to all cultures, although most cultures or systems will not care about pluralism. Moreover, postmodernism puts pluralism as the only system above all others. Existentialism doesn’t have this last tendency.
Existentialism is very individual. It’s about “your value in life”. Now here again, this ultimate freedom might clash with all other individual freedoms. In the end, this system will never yield any culture, only a zillion microcultures. However there is personal value in work and creativity, and in experiences, something postmodernism also questions. Existentialism will leave you with a personal metaphysics, if you value it.Compassion and Love are more or less the left and right hand of the same force. Compassion wanting to lessen or remove suffering, Love wanting to make happy.

I really see Compassion-Love as a Force. Compassion is the basis of Oneness and ethics, and it can shock you when you see terrible suffering and you feel this unconditional urge to help and alleviate. It is more than just an emotion, it is a truly universal Force making us literally feel the suffering of whatever being in whatever pain. If you want to find non-duality, meditate on compassion.

Compassion is certainly a strong contributor to personal evolution. The thing is that we start to feel compassion only for ourselves as a little child, called self-pity, and later enlarge our compassion circle to family, school, community, state, country, all people, all mammals, all animals, all life and so on. Not everyone feels compassion for people from other countries religion or race, there seem to be levels of compassion which can also be seen as levels in personal development.

Genes, on earth the smallest carriers of evolution, care most of the time for themselves and if necessary also through altruism. When you see compassion in this basic and selfish light, it is indeed a darwinian and evolutionary force. (the selfish gene – richard dawkins).
When St. Paul talks about Love he is using the greek word AGAPEI, which is in fact Compassion.
The other greek word for Love is EROS, which we started to associate with erotica, which is quite incorrect. When i say compassion, i’m talking about AGAPEI or the buddhist KARUNA.
Translating anything can be a real pain. What do we know today about what was common in Athens 2000 year ago. Hermeneutics might give us some answers but we will never talk about the same thing as Paul in 50 A.D. The other side of the equation is that English is not my native language. One doesn’t need to know about oneness, and not even feel oneness, to be compassionate about a situation or someone. I just feel that compassion in essence brings us together and creates a connection. Everybody is suffering in one way or another, and this creates a connection. A connection amplified by compassion.You literally feel the other when you feel compassion. My heart hurts when i see someone who is suffering. If not, I just feel pity.notes: April 19, 2012

Compassion is a force that you feel if you see someone suffering. You want to make an end to that suffering unconditionally. Loving kindness is usually an english translation of maitri, which can be translated in a lot of ways, maybe most commonly as love, but the way Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche translated it was unconditional friendliness and in particular unconditional friendliness to oneself. Love is the desire to make others happy.

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