12 discoveries

Smile often, preferably when you are sad or feel anger: at first faint and shy your smile has more effect on your mood than you might think possible.

Meditate: listen to your mind. You will learn that what is called brain or mind is a machine, not much different from your ears or your eyes. It constantly floods you with comments, just like a sports-reporter on the radio. The comments have been implemented by your history and upbringing; they are usually not correct.

Meditate: listen to your heart. You will learn something about the nature of emotions: fear, anger, sadness, … feeling in love. They seem to be more related to the body than we might assume. They come and go. They try to keep us hostage for some time.

Pray. It is a form of meditation. When you express a very deep desire towards a God(ess) or Saint or Mother Earth or the Universe, it will make you speechless. Then prayer is really effective.

You choose: once you have experienced the nature of mind, and emotions, smiling yourself through your day is a conscious choice, especially those days when it is not easy to do so.

Meditation is no solution. Meditation alone will not make us a better person. Information about mind, emotions and self – acquired through meditation – could allow us to choose consciously from a wider perspective.

A thorough analysis is needed to discover what idiots we so often are to others and to ourselves, and to discover what really makes us happy. A combination of knowledge acquired by living a life, insights from meditation, and pure and correct reasoning combining whatever you know about happiness and love, will lead us to a better way of  life, ethics, real happiness and harmony.

Become speechless often. Awareness/Consciousness is experienced when we are rendered speechless. Art sometimes has this power. Through beauty and its opposite. Music and Dance, arts themselves, have this power too. True love has a similar effect, and compassion, and hard to swallow realities. Being rendered speechless can be very emotional, and often comes like a 10000V shock.

Use your intuition. Intuition does not need the mind. Intuition is a wonderful tool, once we learn to appreciate awareness when speechless. Deep peace and intuition are interconnected.

Karma happens NOW!!! It is the choices that we actively/passively make and their direct effects upon our lives. Karma is not a law of attraction, or getting what we deserve. The only law of attraction i know of is a law that attracts you to people with similar levels of awareness: ideas, intuition and love, or the lack thereoff. Honnestly, i don’t know anything about past or future lives, i live now.

Stop negativity. Hate, Anger, Fear, unfulfilled desires, even hope. They have an effect upon your body. To stop negativity is a conscious choice and has a positive effect upon our body. However, not all damage can be repaired by positive action and thinking alone.

Don’t forget your dentist. Enlightenment is limited. Enlightenment will not cure lethal injury or disease. Cancer is related to the body. Our body is a machine, a machine attached to our consciousness. Damage that has gone too far is not reparable. Attention can be directed, but it cannot put humpty-dumpty together again.


12 thoughts on “12 discoveries

  1. There is a surprising little trick to use when you do not feel like smiling; Put a pencil, or similar thing, across and into your mouth and close your mouth. This sends a message to your mind that you are smiling and you feel pleased. This is, of course, the normal course of events in reverse because, normally, when we are pleased the brain sends a message to the mouth muscles!
    Try it – it works! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on who is bert and commented:

    I would like to remind myself of this post of nearly 2 years ago. I was reminded of this post — the first sentence about smiles — when reading smilecalms latest post on ‘smiles’.

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