I don’t think creativity has anything to do with a desire to achieve.

Creativity is a realisation of inspiration,

when awareness becomes the source,

and the drive to express becomes irresistible.


2 thoughts on “creativity

  1. … which of course raises the question of "what is advancement" … the following link might bring some insights … inspiration, 'silence' is needed. Silence of mind can be brought by nature, music, or by any art, it can be brought by awe or by its opposite. At that point inspiration can lead to great ideas and Great Creativity.However, i'm not as optimistic as you about human beings and their realisation of potential in society.i don't seem to like capital characters, hence i choose to often write titles and my name in its primary form. (who invented the capital letter)

  2. I think if human beings can desire to apply creativity in every piece of work they undertake the result would be rapid advancement of technologies and civilizations. Because any unit work can in essence be approached as an art. Nonetheless I am forced to wonder why your blog's title is in small case..

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