computer meditation

The idea is new for me.

This is not about putting myself in front of one or the other website with beautiful music and sceneries and dreaming away. Like Do nothing for 2 minutes –

Although part of it is there: a white page in front of me. An editor in fact. Google Docs to be precise. Full screen, new doc, no title yet.

Yes I’m a nerd. I spend a lot of time in front of computer screens. Why not interrupt that time with chunks of meditation without even moving my behind.

Nature is not always available. There is the rain and the wind and the darkness of winter that makes it more difficult. And when you’re in the city, or at work, an escape is often not within reach.

So here i am in front of a computer, finishing some work and wanting to do some meditation. Thus I go to my meditation seat, but unlike yesterday, it doesn’t want to last. Not even 5 minutes. “That’s ok” said the teacher, a long time ago, “as long as you do this daily, the habit is as important as the sitting”. ?!? I’m sure she’s right. Did she say daily? There must be something wrong with my hearing.

To my surprise, 5 minutes later in front of my computer i do meditation, and it feels better than what i did a couple of minutes earlier.

Mind you, i have no screen widgets, and no sound, i don’t have a facebook or twitter account and my email doesn’t take my attention. Only, “Untitled document – Google Docs” / F11 / full screen.

My posture is good, a good chair (wood), my back is really straight, my arms rest in front of the keyboard.

In the editor i can type any key when thoughts are more than distracting, and then they will pass. Creative ideas that want to be written down and will interrupt ordinary meditation get dealt with by a couple of key words. Then they leave …
There is a clock that doesn’t disturb. I can only see it when i highlight it. When I enter the time when it takes my attention, that removes my attention from it. And peace returns, …

Moreover, if i would continue this for a month, i will have a more or less objective account of what i have been doing with meditation.

Moreover, wherever i am in front of a screen, i can use 5, 10 or even 20 minutes and do meditation. I just go to “google docs” and open my meditation log, and there i am.

All this set aside, I also do a good meditation when looking out of a window … it looks almost exactly like a computer screen.


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