Thinking of losing control

Mrs. Rain was having this blog post about negative spam energies reaching us, the other day. But what is spam and what is not spam? I commented on her blog that i refuse to watch tv news and all of that sort to avoid part of that spam.

However, what happened in Oslo and on the island of Utoya in Norway, last Friday 22/7/2011, was unavoidable. Could not zap through it. We were bombarded by this news for days.

Besides, this was not definitely not spam, it concerned me and many people worldwide. Why and how is for another blog post.

Now the effect from this news upon me was first one of utter disbelief. Followed by anger. Questioning God and that sort came hours later. (very similar if not exactly the Kuebler-Ross model

Very deep inside, the issue was about losing control.

I had this image of how the world works and should be working, but this image was shattered to pieces.

Of course my model of the world is just a model.
Any concept is just a concept.
Concepts are never reality.

But we all hold dearly to our models and concepts.
(Questioning God, or Reincarnation or Karma or Atheism or Science or Crystals can be very provocative, depending on the subject’s way of thinking. I think that you can provoke 99.9% of the people by correctly choosing one of these concepts)

When a foundational concept is under threat, there is a strong fear of losing control, a control that we really don’t like to give up. Fear is a very strong emotion.

This is of course just a feeling or a thought; we never are in control in the first place.

But when we think we are losing control, Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross is near.
So next time I recognize Elisabeth, I will do my best to remember the lesson I’ve learned in the past days, and notice that there is no time for those 5 stages, neither for fear. There is only time for acceptance of the world the way it really is, and for compassion.


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