What is worse? Breaking your shoe lace in the morning, or finding there is none?

The importance of who, where, why and how.

I personally see the first problem, breaking the shoe lace, as less disturbing than the latter. In the first case there are no unanswered questions.

But the second problem, not finding a shoe lace in your shoe, relates to somebody else, who did this to ME. There must have been a moron playing this prank. Suffering has been caused on us by others. And we feel insulted, and want to know who did this, and why, and how.

And maybe we can find it back !!! Now that is an interesting turn of events. We can spend 15 precious morning minutes looking for it, … This brings us to the question where? Where can it be. Like a bull focusing all its energy onto the red ‘rag’, we focus all our attention onto those questions: who, why, where, and how … and we forget the simple solution. Like an insane idiot we spend all this energy and get angry for nothing.

Now this is hell created by myself onto me.

The solution for problem 1 and problem 2 could have been exactly the same: “get another shoelace and put it into your shoe.” But the questions posed by problem two make it incredibly more frustrating.

I speak from experience. I’m the idiot looking for it.

Now that you know this, next time, don’t fall into this trap. Be aware.
Now that I know this, next time I’ll try to remember the lesson i learned today.

There is only one person to blame for losing precious time, and that is me myself and I trying to solve the useless questions who, why, where and how, unaware of the fact that they are irrelevant to the solution.


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