Meditation for the creative mind

the Teacher told me that creative minds have great difficulties with calm abiding meditation. However, they can easily concentrate on, and analyse, a subject, object or concept, thoroughly.

Once the concentration is there, the mind is focussed. At that moment deep insight meditation can take place.

chicky said

I completely agree. I have trouble sometimes with meditating. I find that my mind drifts to other things, and I have to do a preparation time before meditation. Although, I find just being still and letting my mind run can sometimes give me the space and quiet to fully analyze and work through what is running through my mind

whoami said

Very interesting remark: a Teacher once told me to just look at my thoughts. Like watching fish in an aquarium. The workings behind this, is to see the mind as just another one of the senses of perception. We cannot stop information from our ears to reach our brain, we can stop spending attention to it; neither can we stop the mind, sometimes bouncing like a tennisball, often with completely useless thoughts.

As you said, watching the mind can be very helpfull, although it doesn’t always calm the mind.

The teacher also mentioned that meditation is not the answer to getting over strong emotions (like the loss of a dear one). Communication with other souls seems to do a much better job, just as going through most stages in any mourning process.

States of meditation do not help us during our daily doings and whereabouts. We come back from the ladder everytime, and might feel as lost or even more, as before the meditation. Only a continuous higher level of awareness could help to speed up the mourning process, but this needs often many years to build up.


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