a mail in my gaia box from [Living Metaphysics]

The moderator of this forum [living metaphysics] send a mass mail about the nuissance of being a moderator and having to be a censor now and then. She got caught up being in the middle and i can imagine which thoughts this might provoke: Freedom of speech, and what is a good discussion and all these.

[ aside from this — I remember once having been refused entry in the integral-i-forgot-what group,
because i could have been a ‘wilber basher’ or something like that, and i was new to gaia. Since then I’ve been looking at ‘integral life practice’ and all its pay-for-me content as something closed and commercial. The message is ok, but the package is not always. Being censored does something to you. Especially if you haven’t written anything at all yet. — ]

Back to that mail:

Inside the message was this posit: “Evil is the absence of empathy”

but this is supposed to be a question, isn’t it?

This however cannot be correct, for many reasons, but it is a thought provoker.

Absense of empathy,
is that not autism?
or is it just being there?

In a dualistic world, evil is supposed to be the opposite of good.

So, just if you define what is good, and you get many traits and virtues, you only have to reverse them to get what is evil.
But then you have to reverse all of them, not just one trait.

However, absence of something is not the reverse of something.
Absense of something is the middle position between the possession of the trait and its opposite.

Misantropy might be the opposite of empathy.

I rest my logical mind, and hope to be more non-dual.
This was fun,
Love and Light

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