Hope and Fear

I contact myself in a not too distant past.

I touch the hurt of being.
I touch the freedom and the prison of
living in a world full of charlatans, façade and charade.
I’m still in that world now, but it’s no more a prison,
neither is there freedom.
It just is, and I am,
and there is
no more fear, and
no more hope.

No more fear for change, and
no more hope for the lost world before the change.

Just here and now and feeling good about it.

If there is anything positive in the word hope …???

Hope immobilises!
Hope said: “yes, there will be a better future”
but not if nobody does anything.
No effects without causes.

Besides you live now and today.
Too many concatenated ifs and elses create impossible outcomes.

You can look ahead, but not plan too far.

In chess you can see ahead 5 or 6 steps, but in life, one is to expect the unexpected.

If i look back 20 years, I see that only the unforeseen really made
a change. Really made ME change.
All of those things, I would have prevented if i had known
in advance about their possibility, but now I’m glad they have been.
I couldn’t have hoped for those things.

Hope clings you to a lost past.
It is the partner of fear. The fear for losing the present past 🙂

You cannot hope for transformation,
you can only hope that when the unexpected hits you,
you will come out a different person.

first published Wednesday, 24 June 2009 at 11:13


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