liberation according to adyashanti

During an interview in 1999, Adyashanti pointed to the reason why we meditate. He said:

” … ultimately, if you follow it backwards, follow your yearning backwards into yourself, far
enough, you come into something that is common to everybody; from the junkie on the street putting heroin in his arm because he wants to be free of his mind and his turmoil, from the spiritual practitioner who is sitting and meditating for exactly the same reason and there is no difference in the reason, because they want to be free of the turmoil. Now the spiritual person may or may not have a little more clarity about what they are doing, but its still the same thing. And I found if you following any desire backwards, back to its source, there is this tremendous yearning to know what is true, to know God, to be free, however it speaks in your own being, but its something that is very common and once you know that, to come to know it, you have to allow yourself to experience it.”He then came up with the essential condition to allow us into liberation:

” … the part of my teaching that I call “let everything end”. Because this also came out of my own experience, that I spent a few hours describing, which was the true liberation came and the depth of it depended, depended entirely on how much I was willing to let go of my ideas and my beliefs and my concepts and my hopes ?.. all of that. Ideas, beliefs, hopes, concepts. ”

To not know and to admit to ourselves that we do not know. Instead of admitting that we don’t know, we just search to find, to cover it up as quickly as possible, the fact that I don’t know. … everything you think you know might be wrong and its that space that opens up with “I don’t know” All of a sudden you are in a very vast place. Very vast place. And when your mind gets done panicking about how vast it is, and how unknown it is, you can start to explore that space, that unknown”

and he then concluded:

“And through these two things and these two things alone, I found to be the only really two elements that is necessary for someone to awaken. If those two are in place, the rest is easy. Like I tell people, “its a guarantee” If you can sustain those two places; its a guarantee. Its not will it? or will I get grace or will I be lucky? If you can sustain that intention [wanting to find truth – God – be free ed. note] and then not knowing, not knowing who you are rather than trying to find out who you are, but simply not knowing, then you are in the perfect place where grace will happen. Grace is not a chance event. So this was something that developed as I went along. And that’s what is so key, especially right now. That’s what is so key is the ability to do that and to get the emphasis away from “I’ve got to get back to a nice comfortable experience” to move away from that security blanket into a place of true unknowing which means not holding on to that security and to realize that when you stop panicking about getting back somewhere or being somewhere or are you awake? or are you not awake? and all that nonsense, when you stop panicking about that, you come into something that your eyes start to open into a perspective and an ability to simply see What Is and seeing What Is, is always liberating.”



One thought on “liberation according to adyashanti

  1. Oh, this is mindblowingly wonderful! Powerful, simple, and in my experience, quite true and a great approach. He's my current favorite spiritual teacher, quite the heretic with respect to most traditions. He's an expert on the process of awakening, psycho-spiritual expert. Thanks for this!!

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