deserts, mountains and the sea

Posted on gaia May 26th, 2008 

I still don’t know after all these years what attracts me so much in deserts and the barren mountains once you go higher than 3000m. I don’t have them here in my belgian motherground. I have always lived here. I like to travel but I love it more to come back.

I discovered the sea as another form of waste “land” only a couple of years ago. It’s not so far from here, like 90minutes drive. I like it when the weather is “not good”, because then i have her for myself. The same could be said about those deserts and +3000m mountains: there i have the earth to myself.

I didn’t travel anymore since 2002. Perhaps that is why only then i discovered the sea, because i really needed her since then.

I like to be alone, a lot, but not always. I love my family, but sometimes I desperately need to be alone. Not only my father tells me, but i vividly remember how as a 3 year old i went alone to the forest. I kept to the paths I knew all along, I was not lost but happy. These days, I don’t go to the forest anymore. It touches my grandmother’s land, where i live …

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with the Teacher about meditation on equanimity. The point is to extend compassion from family friends and loved ones, over people one feels indifferent to, towards enemies. But I don’t have enemies.

My greed for solitude doesn’t seem to bother others, they don’t want it, so there are no deep conflicts with others. In consequence I have no enemies, since I don’t want anything from anyone else, and they don’t want anything from me.

OK, I want peace, world peace and ethical government … a noble desire, but still a desire.
Hence, I started to meditate on compassion towards Senior General Than Shwe from Burma. He’s not an enemy, and he’s not exactly threatening world peace, unlike the self declared policemen of the world, but he’s not helping his own brothers, sisters, children or parents, and prevents us from doing so in his place.


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