a path into mistery

Posted on gaia Apr 15th, 2008

I sometimes take this road. today i took my bike.
This choice was very bad, the path not fit for tires of truth.

My patience was rewarded, and i met the long forgotten friends:
the pinball wizzard and the porsche girl, they pointed far ahead.

Further i went, my bike on my hand. The path becoming narrow and dry. A stonebed of boulders, inside a dry mountain riverbed. I looked at the map and noticed it was not far at all.

There were two more highways to cross. The destination in time said 30th of june. Graduation day of past, present and future.

I saw some places where i had been long ago. Maybe i came there before i turned into a servant of time. I finally subjected to time to become its friend. But that i found out only after years of fighting the endless line.

Today i came back: full circle. That’s where and when i met the master.


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