The Mean Yellow Meme?

Posted on gaia Apr 24th, 2008

Somewhere in the month of march a young person from India said something very strange to me: “What else to expect from those people; they are really low cast, they think differently. Most people of that family think like that. It is passed from generation to generation.” I protested of course, because I think all people deserve to be treated equally, and generalisations don’t work. But moments later it struck me that the caste system was nothing more than spiral dynamics in a different era. And … this era is everywhere, also today. Replace the words “low caste” by “different social class” and your mother in law could have said this.

So we have a beautiful example of spiral dynamics, solidified in a society. And that solidification is of course different from the intentions of the proponenets of SD(i). Because the cast system is not a spiral anymore, but by stretching it has become a system of concentric rings.

Todays philosophers and sociologists should however be very aware that spirals are easily stretched, and that the connections between the layers can break. Even a perfect implementation will after some time change shape. The Weimar republic became a national socialist state only 70 years ago. The best intentions of Lenin and Trotsky became the horror of Stalin, and I’m sure, also Pol Pot was implementing an ideal society by the most attrocious means.

Maybe in a not so far away past, the cast system was an invention of progressive philosophers in India. Only the Brahman cast, on the top of the hierarchy, combined with the right political powers, might have thrown the spirals in a bath of concrete, to spell the fate of paria onto generation after generation.

Could this be the mean side of the yellow meme?
And if so, how can we prevent this to happen, if SDi (remember the Strategic Defense Initiative) ever gets on the political agenda of the nations of this world?

17 minutes later

wanderer7 said

hierarchical systems proliferate around the world … it is the best way to consolidate power and control in the hands of a small group … when power and control is diffuse, everyone wins out.

the pages of history tell of this unending quest for more and more control.

how to break the cycle?

through information, and personal transformation; one can only keep you as a slave if you think like one. Once you decide in your mind “I am my own self” no-one has any power over you; you are free and self-governing; a self-sovereign soul.



Even in this information age, we are all misinformed by the media. It’s easy to see this when we look at chinese people protesting against France, because we look from far at something we do not belong. But Europe as well as America are prone to the same disease. Only we barely see it from within.

how to break the cycle: with feedback, but unfortunately, …

were are the human rights watch dogs in Guantanmo Bay,
were are the human rights watch dogs in Tibet,
is the problem in Colombia an internal dispute,
and the war in Chechnya?
what about Bosnia in 1992
what about the UN peace mission in Rwanda – they ran away in stead of keeping the peace.


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