surfing the ocean

Posted on Zaadz Jan 30th, 2008 by bert001

I had a beautiful dream i want to share,
one of those in the middle of the night
that leaves you startled like, “where did this come from”:

I was swimming in an ocean, very blue deep water, many people enjoying with me.
The movement of the water was gentle at first and we all went up and down with the gentle waves, one meter high.
The sea went more rough and the waves now got higher, 3 meters or more, but the movement of my body in the water was still very enjoyable.
The waves went higher and higher, and many people looked for safety on a beach, but i was too far out in the ocean to swim back. I saw a huge wave 25m high rolling towards me, and it swept me up, and brought me far away. At first I panicked, but soon i saw that i was following the flow, and my body became a natrual surfboard, riding this wave for a long distance, enjoying the speed and the sensations of the water.

The dream ended and left me with joy and awe.


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