Posted on Zaadz Jan 27th, 2008

It’s my daughter’s 10th birthday and we will start making waffles in half an hour. She will share them at school tomorrow, and i might share some with my students. It all depends on the amount of eggs in the house. I have no idea right now, and still too lazy to go to the fridge and find out. Bought butter this morning, and forgot yiest, but D. still had some, so it doesn’t matter. It’s a long time ago since i last made waffles, so we might end up badly, like having to eat everything because they might look too awfull to share …

You have some too

The dough is ready. Now the yiest has to do its work. And in about 50 minutes we will start the wonderful baking process.

if the end product will taste as good as the dough – it will be delicious.
No, K., if you eat too much dough, there will not be enough waffles.
Please don’t touch it now …. oh my god, i’m surrounded by vultures with an angle face.

The waffles turned out to be superdelicious, although, during the rising process we were doubting the power of the yiest, and gave 30 minutes more time to the fungi to do their job.
There will be just enough waffles for both classes and my father. We already ate ours.
Now going to bed..

K.’s classmates finished the waffles in less than one minute.
My students had some problems answering a couple of questions with their mouth full.
My father ate them without his false teeth.
None left.

Story ends.

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