changing earth, changing others … ???

Posted originally on Zaadz Jan 22nd, 2008 as a comment on ‘the question of the day’

There are strange questions and remarks often appearing when opening this website. Childlike questions I would say. Like: “How are we going to change the world together?” Followed by a couple of one-liners.

Or something like: “What do you think is the hardest thing to change?”

George answered: “Others! Everyone views things from their own unique perspective. Arguing seldom works and mostly creates more discord.”

HOWEVER: You simply cannot change others. What a strange remark to make. (No offence George, i know you mean it well) You can feed the world and its inhabitants with your own example and try to educate them with many such examples, but the only person who can ever change somebody else is that somebody else her-/himself. In America there is a proverb containing horses and water. It is as simple as that. So the hardest thing to change is not others, but the self.

The hardest thing to change is not earth, it is already changing rapidly, but it is yourself.

When i look at myself now and 5 years ago, and i look DEEP, i barely see any change. A transformation from within is not easy. A couple of cosmetic changes on the surface and some noble goals like to meditate daily, is not a change.
When you [meditate] or [practise] (whatever you practise for change) daily, with help of a genuine teacher, who puts a real mirror in front of you, only then is genuine change possible.

Our lives contain motoric moments of change, when we look straight into the mirror of life. But if this mirror is not looked into constantly, the motor to change comes fast to a halt.

Changing the world by changing yourself, and keeping up this mirror to yourself, is a FIRST. All the rest is arrogance.

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